How to protect your floors during a move?

If you are planning your relocation, the preparation time can last for weeks. If you decided to pack your moving boxes on your own, you should be careful in order to protect your floors during a move. There are many things that can cause the damage to your hardwood floors or tiles. However, if you plan your moving preparations on time, you won’t make any damage to your current home. Even better, you will be able to secure walls and floors in your new home.

Protecting the floors during a move has everything to do with lifting and sliding heavy furniture. Besides bulky items, there are many other things that can scratch or damage your floors. Take a look at the following guide and find out how you can save your floor area while packing for the move.

What can damage your floors while moving?

We all know that the moving process can be physically demanding. If you are moving without the help of professional movers, you might need to handle all the bulky and heavy items. Furniture, fragile items made out of glass and heavy moving boxes are the ones that can damage your floors. While you prepare for moving day, you should make sure to protect your floors during a move.

During the unpacking process, many heavy objects can scratch and damage the floor.

The biggest issue with the floors in your home can be scratching and breaking it. During the moving process, these things are sometimes inevitable. If you have hardwood floors, these small damages can cost you a lot of money. More often than not, you can’t change just one piece of the flooring so you will have to redo the entire floor in your home. In case you are moving out from a rental home, you will have to protect your floors during a move.

However, saving your floors from the damage is not only the problem in the home you are moving out of. During the unpacking process, many heavy objects can scratch and damage the floor. In case you have tiles on the floor, breaking one can be harmful to you and your family members. All in all, here are some of the ways you can protect floors during a move.

Ways to protect your floors during a move

We all try to be careful and not make any damage during the relocation process. However, more often than not, we can make a mistake caused by stress and loss of focus. If you decided to pack and unpack your moving boxes by yourself, here’s how you can do it to protect your floors.

Packing and the unpacking of the moving boxes

Every packing process takes some time. However, packing for a long distance move can take days to prepare for. The first thing you should do in order to protect floors during a move is to free the space in the room. Packing one room at a time will allow you to walk without obstacles on the way. If you have space to move, you will minimize the chances of breaking something into pieces and damaging the floor. While you pack, make sure to prioritize and secure all the heavy objects. Packing furniture will probably be the hardest part of the process. If some of your furniture is made out of glass, consider disassembling it. Secure and wrap all the glass parts and then wrap the bulkiest pieces of furniture.

packed bag
Make sure to pack everything the right way in order to protect the floors while moving.

When it comes to packing to moving boxes, make sure not to overcrowd them. If your moving boxes are too heavy, they might fall apart. You will not want your heavy items from the boxes falling all over the floor.

After you move into your new home, the unpacking process will be waiting for you. What you should do is to try to open one box at a time and try not to slide them across the floors. If you want to protect your floors during a move, you can always put some blankets or towels on it while packing. For other packing tips, you can check an online tutorial and save yourself some time.

Ask for a professional help

There are numerous reasons for hiring a professional moving assistance, and the packing process is one of them. Experienced movers know how to pack your moving boxes protect your floors during a move. If you are moving last minute, or you don’t have anyone to call to help you, don’t try a DIY moving project. The best thing you can do is to call professional moving assistance and ask them more about packing services.

How does a packing service work? Depending on the deal you make with a moving company, you can hire them for partial or a full packing service. When movers calculate your inventory, they will think of the best solution for the packing supplies and supply them for you.

Use protective blankets to secure your floors while moving, or ask professional packers to help you out.

Of course, not every moving company offers this option, but most reliable ones do. Good quality packing supplies are very important in order to protect your floors during a move. The best part is – your movers will have all the equipment needed to protect your floors during a move. Moving dollies, straps and plastic wraps are all used to secure your heavy furniture or other bulky items. In the end, you can easily protect your floors during a move just by taking care of your belongings. Try not to prepare for the move last minute and good luck with your relocation!

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