How to protect stored property against cold

Storing some of your property in a storage unit is great, but only if you choose the right storage unit. There are plenty of companies that offer storage service and it can be difficult to choose the right one. When choosing, you want to keep in mind all the different weather conditions and the sensitivity of your items. Your things may be sensitive to cold and humidity and you want to keep them safe. So, here are ways to protect stored property against cold.

Choose a good storage unit to protect stored property against cold

In order to keep your stored items safe and damage-free, the best thing to do is choose a good storage unit. First of all, make sure you’re working with a good and reliable company. Other than that, go and see the storage unit yourself. Ask if the unit is climate-controlled and if it has a good security system before signing the storage rental agreement. If you choose well, you won’t have to worry too much about protecting your stored items against cold. It’s important that the storage unit is climate-controlled so that your belongings are protected from humidity and all the different weather conditions. There are items that are sensitive to bad weather and the last thing you want is them getting ruined while they’re stored.

Prepare your things for storage

Not everything is down to choosing the perfect storage unit. There are some things you can do in order to prepare your things and make sure you protect your stored items from the cold. After all, you can never be too cautious. If you want your stored belongings safe from cold and damage, you should put in some effort.

Bubble pack, tape and scissors
Get your packing and wrapping supplies ready and prepare your belongings for storage.

Make sure to pack your things properly. Get good quality moving boxes, line them with bubble pack and ensure that your things are secure. If you’re storing valuables, you need to be extra careful when packing them. Don’t just put them in a box and call it a day, wrap them up. You can utilize blankets, newspapers or bubble pack – whatever is easiest.

Extra steps to protect stored belongings against cold

Once your belongings are in a storage unit, you can take a few extra steps to protect them from the cold. Here’s what to do to make sure your things are safe.

  • Keep your things off the ground. This is especially important when it comes to electronics, fragile things and valuables. If you can, store your things on shelves. The air is colder nearer to the ground and you don’t want your electronics to start malfunctioning due to the cold. This will also protect your things from possible floods.
Bicycle against shelves - to protect your stored property against cold, keep everything on shelves
To keep your things safe, place them on shelves and keep them off the ground.
  • Take blankets, sheets or other cloths made from wool or cotton and cover your things. These materials won’t trap moisture – they will keep your belongings safe and dry when the weather gets humid. Providing this extra layer of protection is a great way to keep your things damage-free.

    Pile of blankets
    Use blankets or sheets to cover your things.

Now you know the ways to protect your stored property against cold and you’re ready to put everything away. If you can, it wouldn’t hurt to check on your things from time to time just to make sure they’re intact.

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