How to properly prepare for moving day?

You are moving and probably stressing out about it. Everything is hectic around you; your thoughts are all over the place. Did I forget something important? Did I finish all the paperwork? Will I have enough boxes for the move? And so many more questions . But if you prepare yourself for your moving day properly, and if you organize everything on time there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. And if you inform yourself well, you’ll realize that there are so many tips and tricks that will help you go through your moving day.

a stressed out girl
Do not be stressed when moving. Good organization means a lot

How can I avoid stress on moving day?

Some people say that a good organization is fifty percent of the work. However, a good organization is even more. If you plan everything ahead and organize your family and friends to help out, then everything will be way easier. Before anything else, you should write a to-do list. Moving day is actually asking you to create a to-do list so nothing important gets forgotten. Once you write down everything you should do on a piece a paper, everything will get clearer, and once finished you just check it off the list. In this way, you can also save up some money while moving because you won’t have unplanned expenses.

And one task is already checked. Just like that. Once you write down everything you need to do the day before your move everything will seem easier. The main reason is that you won’t forget anything important and you will always be aware of the number of obligations you have left for that day. Also, one of the most important things is to hire movers on time should you need professional moving assistance.

Go and see your new home again

Since you are moving to a new home you obviously already know what it looks like-the layout of the kitchen, the living room, dining room etc. And of course, you know all that since you chose it to be your new home. That being said, even though everything’s ready, go and check it out again. Imagine where everything will be,where and how your furniture will be placed. Take some measurements in case you are ordering a new table for your computer. Check if it will be the right fit. Once the movers start to bring in your stuff It would be great if you could tell them exactly where to leave the couch for example so you don’t have to move it later. And talking about the movers, you are probably wondering if you should even hire them.

Lovely living room
Imagine what your new place will look like once you move in

Hiring movers?

When thinking about your moving day, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is how heavy, hard and annoying it is to move. On the other hand, you probably think how hiring movers would be a great deal and it would help you a lot. But, then there is a financial matter. How much will it cost? Maybe I can just gather friends and they will help me out? These are all legit questions. However, the answer would be that the best thing to do when moving is to hire top-rated movers.

They will not only help; they will do all the move. You won’t have to deal with the heavy lifting and thinking about how on earth you will manage to put two couches and a chair in one round. So, hiring movers will pay off, but be extra careful and give your best to detect and avoid moving scams. Yes, you will spend a bit more money than you normally would if you invite your friends to help you, but you probably won’t have to lift a finger. So, spend some money on your move and lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

Movers packing lamps animated picture
Hiring movers is a good decision

Have a “hand luggage”

You should have a hand luggage on your moving day. That hand luggage should include some of the things that you will maybe need during your moving day or the first night in your new home. Hand luggage should include:

  • Change of clothes
  • Change of underwear
  • Hygienic products (soap, toothbrush)
  • Something to eat (although you can just take a break and have some fast food, on moving day it is forgiven to eat junk food)
  • Little towel

And some other things that you may find useful before you start settling in at your new place. This is just one of many things you should have prepared before the move.

It’s time to part with unnecessary things

Moving day will be a lot easier if you get rid of the things you no longer use or wear. You know we are talking about clothes and shoes. It is a fact that you have things that you no longer like to wear and those things just sit there in your closet waiting for the day when you will wear it again. But it’s something that you no longer like or want to wear. Maybe it became uncomfortable. Whatever the reason is, it is a good one, and it will help you with your move.

So, no more excuses if there was ever the right time to declutter your wardrobe this is it. If you are like other people, you must have a lot of unnecessary items in your wardrobe. You can do a good deed and donate. Someone who is in need will appreciate your help. In this way, you will do something nice and you will also move easier without all that clothes and shoes you no longer need. And not just clothes, there are probably other things that you don’t need anymore so as we said it before, put everything on a list and start decluttering. It’s like an early spring cleaning.

Moving day is a big day. No matter if you are moving three blocks down or to a different country. Any move can cause some stress and it can be nerve wrecking. So, just listen to some good pieces of advice and organize yourself the best way you can. Do not go with the flow in this case. And once settled start enjoying your new awesome home.

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