How to promote your moving business on social media?

If you have only started a moving business and want to spread the word, or you want to expand your services, great marketing is the way to go. Nowadays, people are using their phones more and more, and social networks have become an integral part of everyone`s lives. That is why it makes perfect sense to promote your moving business on social media. In this way, you will reach your target audience faster and easier than with any other marketing option. The Master Moving Guide company recognizes this and is working on its social media marketing on an everyday basis.

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Promote your moving business on social media by writing interesting blogs and posts frequently.

What are the best ways to promote your moving business on social media?

There are a number of ways in which you can get a lot of followers, likes, comments, and finally customers. Social networks are a perfect way to get in touch with your target audience, the people who need to relocate. Let us see what can you do to attract more customers.

Create a hashtag

A hashtag or simply a word behind the sign # can do a lot for your business. When you post something on a social network and use a certain hashtag, everyone searching for that word will run into your posts. A hashtag must be connected to your field of expertise, in this case, the moving industry. You need to come up with easy, yet recognizable hashtags, like #movingwithease or #localmoving. The fun part is that you can use as many hashtags as you want, people will always be able to find you.

Offer promotions on social media

One of the great ways to promote your moving business on social media is to offer a promotion for the people who follow you. You can offer a discount of 30, 50, or 70%, for starters. Or, you can offer free storage for one whole month. Whatever you offer, make sure to keep your word, so that people can recommend you to their friends and family members. Recommendations combined with an increased number of followers will make your business blossom, so don`t be afraid of these promotions.

Post videos and behind the scene moments

People are eager to see how your business functions behind the scenes. One video of your moving crew handling heavy furniture will do wonders for your marketing. It is important to share how you do business with your audience, as they will respond positively. This will also give people the idea of how many movers you need when moving. You will easily promote your moving business on social media when you have people who are actually interested in what you do.

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It is important to introduce your employees to your audience, so that they feel comfortable hiring you and recommending you to their family and friends.

Present your employees to the audience

Depending on how long have you been in the moving business, we can only assume that your moving crew is like your family. And each crew member is an individual with their own set of unique skills that people would love to hear about. So, present your crew members in the best light, and let the customers get to know them. This is a perfect way to connect with your audience who will not view the relocation process as a dreadful thing anymore. Instead, they will look forward to getting to know you and hiring you.

At least once a week – go live to promote your moving business on social media

Most social networks offer you the option of holding a live stream and connecting to your audience. Always prepare the topics you want to talk about prior to the stream. Encourage people to ask questions. You can talk about different packing techniques, lifting techniques, give moving tips, or anything else related to the moving business. When more people start watching your lives, they will ask you to talk about certain problems they have been facing, or when they need clarification for something.

Always reply to your customers` messages

Social media is a place where you can get a lot of messages really fast. And just like with e-mails, you need to respond to them in a timely manner. Never let more than 24 hours pass before you answer a certain message. Also, always be professional and provide concise and useful information. If necessary, you will need to hire an assistant just to promote your moving business on social media. Although it may seem easy at a first glance, it actually requires a lot of hard work, focus, and attention to detail.

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You can expect your business to blossom after promoting it on social media, so make sure that you are ready for the challenge.

What social networks can you use to promote your moving business on social media?

There are several social networks in which you can promote your moving business. Every network gathers a certain type of audience and depending on what is your target group you can focus on those networks.

  • LinkedIn – This is a social network where you can find both customers and business partners as well. Its primary service is to help people find a job, but you can explore all the options and find some customers there as well.
  • Facebook – This social network connects people of all ages, professions, and interests. It will be fairly easy to present your ideas to a huge audience here. Moving companies can sometimes be misleading, and you can avoid this by presenting yourself in the best light on social media.
  • Instagram – Young people use Instagram, and they are eager to find all that they need right here. Many businesses, including moving business, have made a large network of customers on Instagram. So, there is no reason why you should not try it.

If you decide to promote your moving business on social media, make sure that you have enough resources to support the outcome. You can expect many people to contact you, more than you have ever imagined. And this can be the greatest thing for your business. Good luck!

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