How to prevent mold in your in-home storage?

To create in-home storage, you will need time, craftsmanship, and a little bit of creativity. After hard work, you don’t want to ruin everything because of mold. When you are planning of making in-home storage, you should also plan on how to prevent mold in your in-home storage. There are a couple of simple ways you can make to prevent future much bigger consequences. You don’t want your favorite dress or precious book to get damaged by the mold, just because you didn’t take preventive measures. So, be smart, and make your in-home storage the best possible place for your items. If you are looking for important tips for this topic, just keeping reading Master Moving Guide and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Ways to prevent mold in your in-home storage 

Unfortunately, you cannot apply moving insurance to your in-home storage if something goes wrong. For this reason, you should think carefully about what kind of materials you use in your storage. It better you opt for better quality materials than for a cheap one. Use plastic boxes that are water-resistant and they offer more protection to your items. 

For your clothes, it better to use vacuum-sealed bags rather than any type of boxes. They will not only keep your clothes protected but also you can fit a good amount of clothes in one bag. For items, such as books or documents, look for boxes that are described as breathable and acid-free. 

prevent mold in your in-home storage so your clothes on the hangers can stay in good condition
Use vacuum bags for your clothes when storing them

Preparing your items for storage is also very important 

When you need a good storage option, it comes down to choose between self-storage and public storage. Both ways have their pros and cons. The common enemy of both choices is the mold. To prevent a mold from creating, you should make sure that your items are cleaned and dried before putting them in storage. Damp clothing and upholstery can attract mold and it can be easily spread on other items. 

When you are moving, you will face some doubts like what is a binding estimate and why it is important. Just like this, you can have doubts related to mold and what mold is actually. Mold is a type of fungus which grows in damp places like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and crawl spaces. One thing that mold can’t live without is moisture. 

pink storage
Prevent mold in your storage unit as well

Steps you can do in your home to prevent mold 

Now that you know the fact that mold cannot live without moisture, here are the steps to prevent mold in your in-home storage. 

  • Dehumidifiers and air conditioners – used them especially in hot and humid climates 
  • Indoor humidity – you should measure relative humidity with a hygrometer and keep it below 60% 
  • In cold weather keep your home warm 
  • Have good insulation on exterior walls, floors, and windows 
  • Check for possible leakage and fix it if necessary 
  • Have good ventilation in your storage 
  • In crawl spaces use a plastic cover over the dirt to prevent mold from coming from the dirt beneath 

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