How to prepare your storage unit for the winter

Winter is coming! This could mean only one thing. It is time to declutter your home and separate the items you will no longer need until it is warm again. And most importantly, set everything up for the upcoming days. It is time to separate your decorations because the holiday season is also on its way. But most of us are struggling with a lack of space and enough room for all of the items we need to move away. That is why most of us have a storage unit or rent one. If you are in this position too, make sure you prepare your storage unit for the winter in a proper way. And when it comes to finding the right way to do it, Master Moving Guide is here to help you out.

How to prepare your storage unit for the winter?

The first and most important thing you must do is start with your home. If you know how many and which belonging you need to put in a storage unit, it will be much easier. Making sure that there is enough room in storage for all of your items is easy if you know what amount of items you are dealing with.

Decluttering is one way to start

Once you decide that it is time to start preparing your storage unit for the winter, you should get in your closets, wardrobes, and other rooms around the house and get out the items you will not need for the upcoming winter. These are usually summer clothes some garden tools that you will not use until the next summer or spring. All of these storage tips are the same for everyone. If you want to deal with it in the most efficient way, follow the steps of a plan you have made. Once you follow and do everything planned, you will have prepared storage in a blink of an eye.

snow on the streets at the time you should start to prepare your storage unit for the winter
Prepare your storage before the first snow falls

Clean the storage unit

For all of you who already have the storage rented, this is one of the tasks that every storage service must have. However, if you are new to this, you should know how clean your storage should be. Remove everything you have in there. Most people who have storage already have some boxes inside where they keep decorations, clothes for winter, some spare blankets, etc. All of these items must be taken out of storage. Once the storage is empty, you can clean it. Make sure there are no leftovers in some boxes, or something similar. After you have cleaned it and the storage unit is ready to be used again, it is time to pack everything inside.

How to pack items in your storage?

For start, the boxes you are placing in storage must be firm and not made of cartons. This is important if you want to avoid any damage. After you have placed everything in your boxes, the schedule of placing the boxes inside is also important. It does not matter if you find cheap storage or if you rent some storage that will cost you a fortune. In the back of the storage, you will place the items you will not need until summer. Those can be anything related to the beach. Of course, if you plan on going to some warmer parts of the country during the holidays, these items should not be packed at all.

The other crucial thing you need to worry about is how you place the boxes. The heavy ones and the firmest ones should be at the bottom. On them, you can place some lighter boxes that will not break the ones below. Make sure that all the boxes are labeled and that you where everything is. It will make the job easier if you have the list of items in boxes and the name of that box. This will help you a lot when searching for a single particular item in storage one day.

snow on the road
There could be some natural disasters you cannot count on.

When you prepare your storage unit for the winter, make sure that everything is working

Check with the company you are renting storage from or with the landowners that the door ad the humidity level is working. Winter is a period of the year when you cannot count on weather or any other natural disasters. That is why you should know that everything is working perfectly. If there is some problem with the door, make sure it is fixed. It could be that they are not keeping the storage warm or cold enough. So that you will not be surprised once the winter and the cold weather come. Once again, if the boxes are firm and made of plastic if anything bad happens or something breaks, you will know that the items inside of the boxes are safe.

Think about protecting the items

You can always go one step ahead and prepare your items for the flood or something similar. You can place it in some water-tight boxes and maybe cover your furniture with sheets that are water-resistant. This should keep your stuff safe until you are able to get to them and check them. It will also prevent some other damages that might occur when keeping the items in storage during the winter.

woman looking at the lake
prepare your storage unit for the winter and enjoy the holidays

To prepare your storage unit for the winter you will need some time and patience. Think about how long will your belongings be there. And how much time will pass by until you get them out? Do not hesitate to check everything twice. If there is some natural disaster, you might not be able to get to your storage unit for a few weeks. Make sure that the insurance you have is a good one. And the rest of the time, enjoy the winter and the holidays that are yet to come.

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