How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

Relocation can be a difficult task especially if you have a lot of things that you need to send to your dream destination. If you are relocating across the country or simply going on a vacation, you will have to transport some large items such as fitness equipment, a bike, or a motorcycle. You can always ride it to your destination, but that does not seem like a cheap option, especially when it is long distance. Shipping your motorcycle is an effective and affordable option to transport it quickly and safely. But before taking such a step, you need to be acquainted with every detail on how to prepare your motorcycle for transport. As long as you follow our professional moving guidelines, you will be able to take it for a ride as soon as it arrives at your destination.

A man riding a motorcycle
We can help you prepare your motorcycle for transport and avoid any inconveniences during the relocation.

Prepare the outside of the motorcycle

Document the condition

The first thing you need to do is to take it out from the garage and give it a thorough cleaning. If it wasn’t used for a long time or maintained properly, remove any heavy dirt or soil. That way you can see its condition better. When your motorcycle is washed and cleaned, you may want to document every single aspect of it. Take close-up photos of any scratches it might have, any visible damage. You will have some sort of evidence for your next step.

Moving insurance

Although you are not obliged to do this, it is recommended to have some sort of protection to avoid further issues. The best moving insurance will provide you tranquility that your motorcycle is covered in case any accidents occur. This is why we recommend carefully inspecting the current condition of your motorcycle. Moving companies can repair your motorcycle to the same condition before the damage, replace damaged parts, so this is something you should consider.

Remove loose parts and personal items

Speaking of insurance, any parts that are lost during the shipment are not covered. When inspecting your motorcycle, make sure to remove any loose items such as:

  • GPS system,
  • removable stereos,
  • toll tags,
  • saddlebags, etc.

Check that every part is in order since the motorcycle will be in transport for a while. You don’t want to find out that something fell off or was damaged.

You are ready to prepare your motorcycle for transport
A transportation company isn’t responsible for your personal items, so take care of them ahead of time.

Prepare the inside of the motorcycle

Fuel level and possible leaks

When transporting your motorcycle, you want to reduce the cost of shipping as much as you can. It is recommended to leave some fuel in the tank, so it can be moved on and off the truck. Your gas tank should be at about one-quarter tank during transport. However, this can vary if you ship it internationally or across the country. We recommend that you consult the moving company about this aspect. If your tank is full, make sure you reduce the level properly and be careful of any possible leaks. Any kind of leaks you notice, report to the mover beforehand. This way you can avoid any damage to your motorcycle but also to the shipping equipment.

Check the tires and their pressure to prepare your motorcycle for transport

To ensure the safety of your motorcycle, make sure that the tires are fully inflated. Tires are the most important part of the suspension system and they will serve as a cushion to protect the motorcycle when transported. You never know what will happen during transport, and it may involve some moving and tumbling around, so you don’t want to risk it.  Additionally, make sure there are no punctures in the tires before loading for shipping.

Prepare special instructions if necessary

If you finished inspecting the inside as well as the outside of your motorcycle, you may have a clear picture of its condition. If there are some mechanical issues to take care of, do it on time. However, if you are relocating on short notice and your motorcycle is not in working condition, don’t worry. Talk to the mover, and give them clear instructions ahead of time. That way the movers will be able to organize the transport as well to safely send it to your new doorstep.

A man on a motorcycle
Finding a respectable transportation company is crucial when shipping your belongings.

Prepare your motorcycle for transport by hiring the right movers

When relocating, you definitely don’t want to think about whether something will happen to your belongings. Whether it is just a box with clothes, kitchen appliances, or your motorcycle. You need to choose a trustworthy mover and someone you can rely on. But also at reasonable pricing, so they can deliver your items on time.

When deciding on calling movers and creating plans, you may want to look for references. Personal recommendations today are the best and you want to hear other opinions so you can choose a reliable company. Gym equipment is as much as valuable and difficult to transport as a motorcycle, so you may want to talk to some of our fitness equipment movers and listen to their experiences. This way you will be ready to prepare your motorcycle for transport.

Do you need storage?

When relocating, you have to complete everything on time. After all, you are the one who determines the moving date. That implies you must plan ahead of time and complete all tasks on schedule. After that, you can transfer everything to storage and wait for the relocation day to arrive. Choosing adequate storage is important, so you can check out some tips on how to choose and prepare for storing your items. You can rent one from the moving company that will be assisting you with your relocation.

Safe and secure shipping

You can carefully prepare your motorcycle for shipping once you’ve hired a reputable transportation company. It may be a long and time-consuming process, but safety and high-quality service are required if you want to complete this task successfully and without problems. Although, budget is important, sometimes this should not be a crucial factor when making a decision. So before you embark on your new journey, follow carefully these steps on how to prepare your motorcycle for transport and have a safe trip!

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