How to prepare your car for nationwide relocation

Most people own a car since it is quite convenient to have one. You can go anywhere you want. Going to your work is much easier. You do not have to use public transport to reach your destination. However, when you have to move across the country, most people prefer flying over driving. This means you can either sell your car or take it with you. If you cannot say goodbye to your car just yet, then this means you will take it with you. For this reason, you should search for the best car transport options. In addition to this, you should also know how to prepare your car for nationwide relocation. Therefore, here is a complete guide for you to follow. 

Choose the right company 

There is no point in preparing your car for nationwide relocation if you do not find a reliable moving/transport company. Ask your friends and family if they know good companies. Next, search online. Visit official websites of several moving companies. This is important because you can see what services they offer. In addition to this, you have to be careful if you are hiring a company via the Internet. In order to avoid hiring rogue movers, pay attention to moving reviews. See if people are generally satisfied with their services. In addition to this, check if they have a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the FMCSA for short, or the Better Business Bureau, the BBB for short. Lastly, make sure to call the company and ask for more details about their moving and car transport services. 

two women looking at their phones
Pay attention to reviews when looking for transport companies

Prepare your car for a nationwide relocation by visiting a mechanic 

Schedule a visit to the mechanic. They will make sure your car is in good working condition. In addition to this, your mechanic should check the battery and top off all fluids. However, do not fill the gas tank. A full gas tank is a safety hazard. Many interstate movers will refuse to transport a car with the full gas tank. Apart from this, a full gas tank will make your car heavier. This means the cost of transportation will be higher. Since you cannot leave your car without gas, a quarter of a tank is more than enough. If you need to repair something, make sure to do this before relocation. This way, you will have your car delivered in perfect condition and you can use it right away. Lastly, ask your mechanic to give you a report about the overall condition of your car. 

Wash your car 

When you want to prepare your car for a nationwide relocation, you have to wash it. While you are washing your car, make a thorough inspection. Check every dent, scratch, and ding. Make sure to mark it on the paper and take photos. This can help you later to file a claim if your car arrives damaged. In addition to this, by inspecting your car, you can make sure to notice all little scratches. Then, you do not have stress about whether some scratches were already there or made during the transport. In addition to this, remove all personal items from your car. Usually, they are never covered by insurance. Secure any movable parts so they will not be able to move during the transport. Lastly, make another set of keys. If you or the driver from the company lose the pair, you will have another one at your disposal.

prepare your car for nationwide relocation by washing it first
Wash your car before the pickup

The car model is important when you prepare your car for a nationwide relocation 

Most transport companies will ask a lot of questions about your car. Do not be surprised, but rather take it as a good sign. Your transport company needs to know everything about your car so they can find the best way to ship it. Your car might be transported together with cars of similar shape and size. However, if your car has some modifications, your transport company will have to find another way to ship it. Keep in mind that this option can be more expensive. At least, you will be sure about the safety of your car. If people from the transport company look uninterested, then your car might be in danger. 

General information about the shipment 

Prepare yourself with information about the shipment. You need to choose your auto transport company in advance. This way you can coordinate your moving date with your delivery date. Speaking of delivery, here is how long it takes based on the shipping distance. 

  • 0 – 500 miles – 1 to 3 days to transport 
  • 500 – 999 miles – 2 to 4 days 
  • 1000 – 1500 miles – 3 to 5 days 
  • 1500 – 2100 miles – 5 to 7 days 
  • Anything more than 2100 miles – 7 to 14 days 

In addition to this, the price of your transport will depend on distance, car weight and size, means of transport, time of the year, and pick up location. Usually, expect to pay between $400 – $2,000 for a four-door sedan. However, for a pickup truck or SUV, expect anything between $475 – $2,250 

a map of america
The price fo shipment will depend on the distance

Everything you need to know about insurance 

Even though it is rare to have your car damaged during transport, accidents might happen. For this reason, you should check if your transport company has up-to-date insurance. Then, ask them to explain what is covered by their insurance. In addition to this, you can even call your auto insurance company to double-check the insurance. Do not forget to do the same procedure with your moving insurance. Furthermore, a driver will also inspect your car at pickup to mark all the marks, dents, and scratches. Once again, do not forget to do the inspection when your car is delivered. 

All the tips to prepare your car for a nationwide relocation 

As you can see, these would be all the tips to prepare your car for a nationwide relocation. Make sure to follow them once you start with your preparations. This way you can be sure your car will be safe during the relocation. If not, then you can always claim insurance. 

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