How to prepare for a long distance move

What is the difference between a local and a long-distance move? The answer to this equation is not just time. You will need to prepare your entire home to travel a long way without any damages. Every area has something valuable to offer. Make sure you understand a locale’s unique challenges by doing a little recon before you pack up things up. From packing smart to knowing what to discard there is a number of strategies that you can use for the long-haul move. The crucial operation of every move is choosing a reliable moving company. Master Moving Guide can help you find a moving company that can get your possessions to the desired destination. In addition, this will reduce the stress and time that you would spend if trying to do everything yourself. In this article learn how to prepare for a long distance move.

prepare boxes for a long distance move
It is necessary to prepare packing materials on time for the move

First things first – prepare for a long distance move

What does actually moving include? From the moment you decide to move until you unpack and set up everything there are many things to do in-between. But please do not panic. All you need is a good plan. Perspective is really everything. Give yourself enough time to prepare, otherwise, you will waste a lot of precious time. Let the long distance movers pack your closets, bed, and all the other huge items that need disassembling. What you will also need are different packing supplies and materials. Therefore, obtain the following:

  • boxes of different sizes
  • lots  bubble wrap
  • old newspapers or packing paper to wrap up glassware and other fragile items
  • labels in various colors, scissors, packing tape
  • cushions and blankets-in order to protect your items from bumping and crushing
  • climate-controlled storage boxes for various kinds of documents
a couple sorting clothes into boxes
Decluttering is crucial before moving

Prepare before the movers arrive

There is definitely nothing worse than sorting out things, wrapping up, and going back and forth, while movers are on the way to you. Therefore, follow the moving calendar so that you can be on the target. Now that you have obtained packing supplies, you can learn how to prepare for movers. First, start from your closet. Over the years you have probably accumulated a lot. Consider the size of your new home. You do not want to cram it with unnecessary clothes and other items you will not use. If uncertain how to do this, try to apply a one-year rule. If you haven’t used an item in a year, consider donating it to someone who will use it. Follow these steps in every room in your house to prepare for a long distance move. In the end, you will end up with piles of stuff.

Prepare for a long distance move – ultimate guide

It is necessary to develop a system. Ask a friend or relative who recently moved and what worked the best for them.

a checklist
Creating a checklist will keep you on the track

Remember that every move is different, but you can apply some general rules to make things work. You’ll likely have items you want to keep, items you want to sell, stuff you want to give away, and junk you want to trash. Before you start, create your own ultimate moving guide. Especially if you have less than two months to prepare. Go through your items, use different kinds of labels when packing boxes. This way the movers will know in which order to put boxes in the truck. This will prevent damages that may occur. Finally, it will be a lot easier once in your new home and when the unpacking starts. For time-sensitive chores, start well in advance.

Why it is important to hire interstate movers?

It is always better to ask a person with more experience to do something for you. Of course, during the moving process on your moving calendar, there will be many tasks you can do on your own. Packing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sorting out clothes, wrapping up perishables. All this you can do alone or with help of your friend. For bulky items, make the movers get the estimate for you. They should check the size of your entrance to see how much you should open to take things out. In addition, they will check the stairs, elevators and figure out the easiest and cheapest way to get things out. When it comes to disassembling and wrapping up large items, professionals will bring a set of proper tools and wrapping cartons. They will put things in order and transport the goods in no time.

What about the leftovers?

Certainly, you cannot just leave the items you no longer need in the old house. These also need proper attention. Depending on how much time you have you can also earn while moving preparations. Organize a quick garden sale. Let the kids from the neighborhood hand out flyers to passersby and inform them about your sale. Additionally, if you post an ad on your Facebook more people will see it and come to buy something. The money you earn from this sale, you can use to set up an additional moving budget. Alternatively, you can donate items to certain organizations. Also, it is always a good idea to make your friends happy by donating some of your items to them. As you are moving they will be glad to keep something yours in the memory of the good times you had. Junk you can put in the trash or recycle.

As you can see in our guide, moving interstate is a serious task and needs a lot of time. The key point is to prepare for a long distance move. That includes finding a reliable moving company in the first place. With the help of professionals, you will reduce the moving stress. As a result, you will be focused and organized to finalize all the necessary steps. Soon you will be enjoying your new home, neighborhood, and surrounding. We wish you that everything goes as smoothly as possible!

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