How to prepare an essentials box for moving

Are you about to move? Do you have any doubt when it comes to packing? Most people cannot decide whether they need to prepare an essentials box for moving or not. Our advice is that this box is necessary if you do not want to spend your first day and night in your new home looking for some items that you need. It can be your kid’s favorite toy or it can just be a simple can opener. So in order to prevent losing your mind in the evening and looking into every box that is relocated, read this moving guide and find out why and how to prepare an essentials box when moving.

Two types of essentials box

Preparing an essential box when moving can be done in two ways. The first one is to have a box for everyone who is relocating, even if it is just you with your pet. The other way is to create an essential box for every single room in your new house. No matter which way of preparing this box you choose, the goal is the same. You would like to find a shampoo without making a mess. And take a hot steamy shower after a long day of relocation and unpacking. If you have a problem with packing and are not sure where and how to start, you can always search for a guide to packing for a move.

family with a dog
You can prepare an essential box when moving for all the family members, including your pet.

How to prepare an essentials box for every member of the family?

If you want to ensure that personal items are all packed you need to info your family that in his box there will be all the necessary items for everyone. It can be toilet paper or anything else. Everyone should mark their own box and make sure that the personal items are not mixed up. When you hire a mover, make sure that the boxes are all labeled and ready to be relocated. Keep in your mind that the essentials box should not be loaded into a moving truck. That is why labeling is very important.

Items that you want to consider packing into an essentials box for moving

If you have decided to pack household items altogether, there are some general necessities that you need to think of. So the best way to pack this box is to sit down and write a list of necessary things that you and all of your family members think it is important. That stuff can be paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, flashlight, batteries for the same flashlight, just to prevent from having some problems. Consider packing knives or scissors for opening boxes, some basic tools. Do not forget to bring coffee and a mug for the same one. If you have some kind of small coffee maker, pack it too.

And since we are mentioning the dishes, you can consider packing some plastic or paper plates and cups, so that you have sit and relax and have dinner in your new home without looking and unpacking the boxes in the kitchen. In these general items, you might consider packing stuff for a bathroom, such as toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. If you have more clarity in your mind what is the purpose of this box, you can feel free to contact and hire professional movers near me and start your packing and preparing for a move.

Everyone should think of their own items when they want to prepare an essentials box when moving

Every family member must have their own personal essentials box in which they will put: prescription medication, glasses, a few pieces of clothes, bedding, basic hygiene stuff, and personal items like a phone and a charger.  If you are relocating with a baby, make sure that in this box you pack the diaper bag, formula and bottles, extra clothes, and a favorite blanket or a toy or any items that the kid loves.

mother with a kid writing how to prepare an essentials box for moving
If you have a kid, make sure that their favorite toy is packed in this box.

How to prepare essentials boxes for each room?

The other effective way if you want to prepare an essentials box for relocation is to pack the items for every important room in the house. This may look like an extra job. But trust us when we say that this might be a more effective way of packing this type of box than the one we wrote about already. So read it out how to prepare an essentials box for moving and pick your own way of packing it. List of items that you will generally need when moving remains the same. You will need some basic stuff like toilet paper, some basic tools. And maybe some kind of cleaner, for you to clean the surfaces in the house before trying to eat or sit on them.

But when it comes to the other rooms, the story here is different. For example, for the essentials box that will contain the items from the kitchen, you can prepare dish soap and towel, coffee mug and coffee, salt, pepper, sugar. Think of some canned food or jars, some snacks. Pack paper cups and plates for you to eat without washing all the dishes from the other boxes.

Bedrooms and bathroom

For each bedroom packing all the necessary items are different for everyone. So, if you are looking for general items that need to be packed for the bedroom, those are bedding, pajamas, medications, some clothes, and personal stuff like a phone and a charge for the same one. And when it comes to the bathroom, packing towels for each family member is the number one thing to do. Toothpaste and brushes are also very important.

mother and son playing on bed
Pack the pajamas in the essentials box.

It is really not too hard to prepare an essentials box for moving, right? Just think of the items you will need the moment you enter your new house. If you find something out of the ordinary that you find necessary, pack it too. Just be careful not to overload that box with items. It will be easier for you if you really think of the first night in your new home like you will be sleeping in a hotel. That way you will have all the necessary items in your essentials box.

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