How to prepare a hot tub for moving

Some items are easier to pack and move than others. However, there are those that require special attention and exceptional packing skills. This is why you will need the help of experienced movers in order to prepare a hot tub for moving and transport it safely. With the help of experienced movers, what takes a day to accomplish becomes a matter of hours. So, make sure to continue reading for useful tips! Also, feel free to come to us at Master Moving Guide so we can find you the most suitable moving company on time!

Should you prepare a hot tub for moving by yourself or hire movers?

If you decide to handle a hot tub on your own, keep in mind the move will last longer than you think. Hot tubs, whether smaller or bigger, need special care when moving. Although it seems easy to just wrap it up and load it in the truck, it’s actually otherwise. Hot tubs have separate filters, and cords, and run on power. Basically, they count as electrical items. Furthermore, they are far from being lightweight. No matter how many friends are there to help you out carrying a hot tub, there’s a risk of damage. Plus, you might get hurt if you aren’t careful. To prevent this, simply hire hot tub movers who can do the work for you smoothly and quickly.

hot tub on a rooftop
Make sure to clean a hot tub and filters.

Clean and disinfect your hot tub before the move

A hot tub isn’t easy to pack and move without scratching it in the process. That’s why specialized hot tub movers are there to do the difficult work for you. However, before they arrive, take time to give a thorough clean to your hot tub. You can either professional cleaning company or do it yourself. If you opt for the latter option, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the cable, and make sure all options are switched off. It’s not safe to clean a hot tub while the power is turned on.
  2. Open the manual and find the instructions on how to drain the tub properly. In case you’ve lost the manual, simply call the manufacturer.
  3. Remove all filters and clean them one by one.
  4. Purchase special hot tub cleaning solutions that won’t cause foamy water once you refill the tub. Avoid using detergents, or any harsh cleaner.
  5. Take time to clean a hot tub. After that, cover it with a large waterproof protective cover to protect it from dust and dirt.

Tips on how to find the best hot tub movers

It means a lot to have a team of experienced movers who can handle every item you think of. The moving market is currently full of various movers who promise diverse services and top-quality. Nevertheless, it’s wise to research the market thoroughly and pick among reliable, top-rated movers. By following these steps, it won’t take you long until you get matched with some of them:

  1. If you are moving for the first time, questions like “How many movers do I need?”. and others might come to your mind. That’s why it’s a good idea to sort your items and declutter them all. Fewer items mean less labor and a smaller moving team.
  2. Ensure you’re contacting a licensed moving company with plenty of experience in a variety of moving projects.
  3. Contact a few companies from your list, ask all moving-related questions and confirm price points.
  4. Book their free estimates, wait until the movers complete the estimation, and then compare them. Pick the one that seems best for your moving needs.

Climate-controlled storage is a must

It will take time to relocate all belongings to a new home. That being said, you should think of a safe storage space early on. Since a hot tub is a bulkier item that requires special conditions, a climate-controlled storage unit is your go-to solution. The temperature inside such storage is optimal 24/7 regardless of weather conditions, temperatures, and other external influences. Before you pick storage, request to see it in person, and check if it’s safe, well-maintained, and ventilated.

blue self storage shut doors
Put your hot tub in climate-controlled storage.

Know what type of a moving estimate are you getting

There are several types of specific moving quotes you can choose from. That’s why it’s important to confirm with the company about the type of estimate they offer. The most common one is a rough moving estimate that represents the approximate amount of money you’ll be spending on your move. Keep in mind the final cost of a move might go up depending on the actual weight of your items.

On the other hand, you can choose a binding moving estimate. You might be wondering what is a binding estimate in the first place if you never heard of it. Simply put, it’s an estimate you will pay as the final cost of your move. That means the final price won’t go up in case you end up moving a couple of extra items that are a bit heavier. More and more people opt for this kind of moving estimate.

Show appreciation for the hard work the movers did for you

Before your movers arrive, have the floor cleaned and garbage removed. Make the entrance routes clutter-free, so they can work without risking tripping over something. Welcome them with snacks and drinks. At the end of their work, you can tip them and show gratitude for their hard work. Now, the question is: how much to tip movers and based on what? Well, it all depends on your budget, the scope of work, and what you think is an appropriate tip. Moreover, you can go online and see how much others tipped their movers after their relocation projects.

random smiling guy about to get moving
It’s easy to prepare a hot tub for moving with the help of specialized movers.

Patience is the key to a successful move

It’s easy to prepare a hot tub for moving, as well as other items when you have skilled movers at your disposal. All it takes is just a little research, and comparison, and you’re good to go. Rest assured you can easily find a moving company that provides hot tub moving and other services at an affordable price.

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