How to plan an international relocation without stress?

Moving to another country is a difficult task. There are many small tasks you’ll need to get done before you can even start to plan an international relocation. However, with the help of our tips, you’ll be able to move to a different country without stress and troubles. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any challenges, but if you keep your head cool and follow our advice, you’ll be able to tackle them without difficulties.

Research, research and more research

The most important thing you’ll need to do when moving anywhere is to do your research. This is the first step in planning any move, and it’s especially important to be thorough when you’re preparing for an international relocation. You’ll have to check out many things before you embark on your international journey:

  • laws and regulations – for the country you plan to move to. It’s better to know these before you actually arrive at your destination, since some of these laws may affect your relocation and home rental.
  • prices – home costs or rent prices in the destination country.
  • opportunities – we assume you’re not moving to a new country without first ensuring you’ll have a job once you arrive there. However, in case you don’t have employment where you plan to relocate, you’ll at least want to research potential job options.
  • your movers – you can’t plan an international relocation without the help from a moving company. So, make sure you put your faith in reliable movers.

In addition to all this, if you’re still not sure about the location you want to move to, you can check out some of the best cities for your new home and move there to start your new life.

A person looking at a board full of research for an international relocation.
Be thorough in your research if you want to succeed.


Apart from good planning, all moves require a good deal of preparation. Think of it like this: the more time you spend preparing, the less time you’ll need to move, and the easier your relocation will be. An hour spent preparing your move is worth two hours once your relocation process starts. You’ll need to get a lot of things ready, so you should start to plan an international relocation for at least a month before your moving day.


Even though money is not a prerequisite for happiness it will definitely make your move to another country much easier. It can provide you with stability and security as well. So, if you want to move to a different country, you should start saving money in advance. How much in advance is going to depend on a lot of factors such as your salary, how much time you have before the move and whether or not you have a job in your destination country? But don’t embark on this kind of journey without preparing an emergency budget.

Some dollar bills
Make sure you prepare some funds just in case something goes wrong.

Contingency plans

In addition to contingency funds, you should also have a contingency plan for your international relocation. What if the shipment of your belongings get delayed? What if your new home isn’t ready by the time you arrive at your destination? These are just some of the challenges you might face with such a difficult endeavor as an international move. Of course, in an ideal situation, you wouldn’t need to worry about any of these things! However, it’s better to be prepared well than sorry afterward.


The final part of your preparation for an international move should be dedicated to gathering all the necessary documentation for your relocation and a new life in a different country. These documents might differ according to where you’re moving to, but you’ll find what you need when you’re doing the research for your move. You should keep these papers on you during the entire relocation, preferably in your essentials moving box.

Get rid of your current home

After you find international movers for your move, you’ll need to get rid of your old home. If it’s your property, you can sell it or rent it. Selling it could provide you with disposable funds you can use towards your new life in a different country. However, you should never sell a property in a hurry. So, if you need additional funds, you should plan an international relocation for a different date. On the other hand, you can choose to rent it out and have a more reliable and sustainable source of income.

Relax before you plan an international relocation

If you still feel stressed out after following our tips, it’s perfectly understandable. Moving internationally is a great step in anyone’s life. However, you’ll need to battle that stress if you want to have a safe and successful relocation. So, you can try doing some stress relieving exercises if you’re still feeling under pressure. You’ll never be able to plan an international relocation well if you’re constantly stressed.

A person keeping very calm so she can plan an international relocation.
Keep calm and plan your international move.

Main points to keep in mind:

  • planning is half the job – if you plan any relocation well, you’ll move successfully. Just keep in mind that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Don’t stress out if this happens, because for every problem there’s a solution!
  • don’t go unprepared – it’s best not to relocate without finding a home, job and a school for your kids. In addition to this, you’ll want to prepare some rainy day funds for your international relocation.
  • nothing is worth losing your health overremember this when you plan an international relocation. No use in arriving to your new home in another country feeling sick and worn out. Prioritize your health over everything else!
  • ask for help – whether it’s your friends or professional movers, you’ll need someone to help you relocate internationally.

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