How to pass the time while movers load the truck?

Usually, it is better to hire senior movers to help you with your relocation. However, this leaves you with some additional time. You should try to help movers than to cause trouble. For this reason, here is how to pass the time while movers load the truck and generally when movers arrive. 

Welcome the movers 

When movers from the best moving and storage companies come to pick up your items, you should welcome them. You should be at home waiting for their arrival. Most people do not like it when movers are late. However, movers do not want to wait in front of your doors because they are locked and the house is empty. This is not the way to welcome your movers. In addition to this, you should be a considerate host. Prepare food and drinks. It does not have to be anything fancy. Water and some simple meals are more than enough. Also, you should prepare a small resting area for your movers. Again, place a couple of chairs and that would be enough. 

prepare pizza while movers load the truck
You can buy pizza for your movers

Ensure safety while movers load the truck 

If you are not sure how to ensure safety for everyone in the house, listen to Master Moving Guide. 

  • Check if they are no obstacles. When your movers are busy carrying large and heavy items, they cannot see the path properly. For this reason, you should check for possible danger. 
  • Take care of your kids. Either ask someone to look after your kids on a moving day or keep them occupied in one room. 
  • Look after your pets as well. Dogs and cats can get aggravated with so many people in the house. Take them to an empty room. Leave some water and food for your pets and make sure they do not escape.  

Tips and assistance 

You can offer your assistance when movers load the truck. If you see that someone is struggling, you can help them. However, do not insist if your movers prefer to do everything by themselves. You can clear the path, make sure that they do not bump into any corner, etc. In addition to this, prepare some tipping money. Tipping culture exists in the US. For this reason, prepare it discreetly while your movers load the truck. 

a jar for tips
You should prepare tips for your movers for the job well done

Run some errand while movers load the truck 

If you have some important errands to run, go ahead and do it. However, first, ask movers if you can leave the house. Some movers prefer to work with the customers present. If your movers have nothing against, you are free to finish all the tasks. In addition to this, you can clean the parts of the house that are empty. How to achieve this? When movers finish with one room, you can go in and clean the floors. This is important since movers will bring dirt inside the house. You should not leave your house dirty.

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