How to pack your shoes when moving

If packing is a nightmare, not knowing how to pack your shoes is a recurring one – who knew you had that many pairs of shoes, right? As repetitive as it may be, it is doable, and we are here to help you brainstorm which shoes to take into the new home and how. Your new home means new life, new adventures. Which shoes can take that next step with you?

No shoes left behind?

Believe us, we understand what it is like. Shopping for shoes is exciting and you can quickly end up having too many even by your standards (not to mention your mother’s/spouse’s). 

Mismatched tan shoes.
How many shoes is too many?

Having shoes to match every occasion and other clothes that you own is important to you as a person of style. We support you wholeheartedly, but what if that lovely pair of sky blue stilettos only really goes with a dress you cannot fit into anymore, or is so out of style now that you don’t see yourself wearing it? Fashion trends come back and you have enough storage space, right? People lose weight and wear something that is fashionable once again after a long 20 years’ wait? Maybe so, but we would advise against keeping all the shoes you own. We would hate to see you become a hoarder. Just think of all those lovely shoes you can buy once you have settled!

What to do before deciding how to pack your shoes?

So before local movers get you to your new home, get rid of some shoes! This is how we decide what to keep and what to throw away (remember – throwing away can simply mean handing them down, donating them, or having them recycled; it’s really not a horrible fate):

  • Put a pair of shoes on a level surface. Is there a visible slant to the soles at the heels?
  • Next, take a look at the stitches. Are any of them coming loose?
  • How about the heel counter? Is it a little bit crushed?
  • The time for the insoles. Are they less comfortable than before?
  • Look at them from the outside. Have they lost their shape?
  • Are these the casual shoes that you wear 4-5 days a week? Have you had them for more than a year? No? Pack your shoes!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, congratulations, your shoes have worn off! You will have fewer to move and the next shopping spree will be a blast.

Your options

There is also the lovely option of storage. Actually, if you are on the move, you might just have to use storage anyway. It is a great option if you are not really ready to give them up, but you also want that valuable space in the house to be used otherwise.

Dirty converse.
Getting rid of old shoes frees up space in the closet.

There is also no need not to hand them down. Yes, giving worn shoes does leave a wrong thought in our mind at first, but hear us out. Shoes are important. After all, it is the only part of your clothes that will never lie. If you have shoes that can be given away, do so, especially if they are for some kind of ceremony. You want your cousins or friends to have appropriate attire. 

And finally, you can always pack your shoes and give them away to charity organizations. There are some cold days for those unlucky to find themselves without homes on winter and autumn nights. It is often said that those misfortunate always desire good shoes above all else.

Be ahead of the pack when it comes to knowing how to pack your shoes

Shoes come first. Everything else is packed around them. Or in them, for that matter. Because let’s face it, they are bulky and not-really-clean unless brand new. So, there are two things to consider when you pack your shoes: how to save space, and how to prevent contamination. What do these two items have in common? As it turns out, whenever you travel, you are never advised to pack your shoes as they are

How to save space

To save space and help your shoes hold their shape you should stuff them with various small items, from bags of jewelry to rolled-up belts. Have a brainstorming session with friends and family and see what they normally pack into their boots when they travel. Socks, underwear, and T-shirts are quite common; anything smaller can be put in a small bag and then into the shoe.

Suitcase packed with clothes.
Little shoe-packing hacks can save space in your luggage or boxes.

How to prevent contamination

We can start with the obvious:

  • Clean the shoes to the best of your ability. Some do not have to be hand-washed and you can rely on the good old washing machine. 
  • Before you pack your shoes, check for moisture. Sometimes shoes need to be aired out before they go into the boxes.
  • Speaking of boxes, have you got any? We know shoes come in boxes, but somehow they magically disappear when shoes need to be packed and moved. Luckily, moving boxes has a solution.
  • Wrapping or packing paper can also help. Do you remember how each shoe was wrapped up in its box in the shoe shop? It protects the shoes from rubbing or scuffing when they are clean, and when they are not…Well, it makes sure everything else you pack around them is.
  • Another thing we learned from the shoe store – lining the box and enclosing the shoes within it with crumpled paper.

The final piece of advice on how to pack your shoes when moving

Look, when it comes down to it, shoes are really important not just for trendsetting or having appropriate attire. They are improtant because they keep us healthy. Having good shoes means we walk healthy, feel comfortable and make sure not to have our feet in any kind of danger of cold, moisture, etc. This has an enormous effect on our health. This exact reason is why you have to know how to pack your shoes with respect. They are often the most expensive ware you have, yes, but their value lays in the benefit it offers to you.

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