How to pack your gardening tools

In general, moving is quite challenging and stressful. There are many nuances to moving that can simply make your life difficult. However, when you add packing your gardening tools to the mix, then a whole different set of problems emerge. And, truly, this is one of the most challenging parts of moving. If you want to pack your gardening tools correctly, you need to take plenty of care. That is why we have prepared some tips to help you with this part of the move. So, follow our tips on how to pack your gardening tools for an efficient and easy move!

Organize your tools

If you’re committed to gardening, that is incredibly good, since that means you’re contributing to your overall health.  But that also means that you most likely have a lot of gardening tools. And, as we all know, not all of them are the same shape and size. That is why it is best to sort them out. That way, your packing will be much more efficient. If you want to pack your gardening tools efficiently, this is the best way to start.

Group the tools that are roughly the same size. When you’ve done that, decide what it is that you actually need to move. If you haven’t looked at your gardening shed in a while, it’s possible that you have duplicates of tools. It is also possible that you have kept some tools that are chipped or damaged and that can no longer be used. It is safe to say that you can get rid of those tools. Also, while you’re sorting your tools out, be mindful of the space you will have at your new home. If you have a smaller garden in your new home, it is possible that you won’t need some tools.

A garden and a house.
You probably won’t need all your tools in your new home.

However, if you’re uncertain whether you will need some tools, but you don’t want to get rid of them, there is another option. You can always put the tools into short-term storage until you decide what to do with them.

Before you pack your gardening tools, clean them

Many professional movers will tell you that it is necessary to clean your tools before packing. Why? Well, whether you hired professionals or you’ve decided to do it on your own, you don’t want dirt in the moving vehicle. And it can easily be transferred if you just leave it on the tools. Also, it will be much better when you come to your new place and realize that all your gardening tools are clean and ready for use.

Get the necessary packing supplies

Because you may have gardening tools of various shapes and sizes, it is important to be prepared. That means gathering the various packing supplies you will need. If you want to pack your gardening tools properly, you will need to have the following things:

  • Boxes. It is important to get boxes of various shapes and sizes. For instance, you can’t put a rake in the same box as your garden hand tools. Also, if you decide to put all your tools into one huge box, it will be difficult to move it. If you don’t want to buy boxes, there are plenty of ways to get free moving boxes. That way, you can even save money on packing supplies.
  • Bubble wrap or moving blankets. You will need these to protect bigger tools, such as rakes or shovels. It is also good if you use blankets you already have, but don’t use. That way, you can also save money.
A stack of blankets on the floor.
You can use old blankets for packing.
  • Packing paper. This will be necessary for smaller tools. Also, for filling up holes between the tools in the boxes. If you want to save money, however, you can also use old newspapers. If you have such newspaper lying around, they can also be used to pack your gardening tools.
  • Packing tape. You will need packing tape in order to secure the boxes and the blankets.

Pack the hand tools first

As we have already mentioned, instead of putting everything into large boxes, take smaller ones. These will be perfect for your hand tools. Sharp tools, such as garden shears or hand garden rakes, should be first wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper. Then, once you place them in the box, fill the remaining space with packing paper, towels, or old newspapers. Secure the boxes with packing tape.

Be mindful, however, not to over-pack the box! This is one of the most important things when you’re trying to pack your gardening tools. It may seem easy to put all of your small tools in one box. However, hand tools are sometimes quite heavy. You want to be able to lift the box and load it onto the moving van/truck. Heavy boxes can cause serious back injury. Put the lighter items into larger boxes, and heavier items into smaller ones.

Pack the large tools

You should put larger gardening tools together. That means tying them with rope or tape. Again, take care not to bundle up too many of them together. That will make it more difficult to load and unload.

After you’ve bundled them up, wrap them in moving blankets. If you want to add more security, you can wrap the sharp edges with packing paper or bubble wrap. Then, once you’ve wrapped them in blankets, secure them with packing tape. If you want, you can put them in appropriate boxes. However, that is not necessary if you’ve already secured them.

A rope in a shape of a heart.
You can use rope to bundle up your gardening tools.

Additional tip

If you’ve hired a professional to pack your gardening tools, take care if you’ve chosen cheap movers. If you want cheap movers to consider, you need to make sure that they are skilled. It is not impossible to find good cheap movers, but it is necessary to take care. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your packing and moving is done perfectly!

Loading the moving vehicle

Professional movers will know how to best load and unload the vehicles. However, if you are doing this on your own, there are a few things to take into consideration. If your bundled up tools are not in a box, don’t put them upright. Instead, place them on the floor, as close to the corner as possible. Try to put the boxes around them, so that they will not move too much during transportation. Make sure not to place anything valuable nearby, as it is possible that it may sustain some damage.

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