How to pack your garage before the move?

Garages are very useful but they can turn into a chore once you need to relocate. All that stationary and heavy equipment we usually have there can be very hard to move. Luckily, with our easy guide on how to pack your garage, you’ll have it done in no time!

Save for the end

The best way to pack your garage is to leave it until you pack everything else. Even though garages aren’t the most difficult rooms to pack, they certainly are the most exhausting. Full of heavy items, tools, and machinery garages just take too long to pack. Packing and cleaning your garage is dirty work and you’ll want to put it off until you can have enough time. This is another reason why you should pack it in the end. Once you’ve packed everything else, you’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to that task.

Good ideas to do before you start packing:

  • clean the garage – you should clean each item just before you pack it, but sometimes cleaning the garage before the move is a good idea. The dust and the grime might damage your boxes and it’s not healthy to work in such an environment. Apart from this, if you clean your garage before you pack it, you might find some things you thought lost!
  • have a garage sale – an excellent way to increase your moving budget before you pack your garage is to have a garage sale. You can earn some money and get rid of things which would only take up space in your new home.
  • use the garage to help you pack – since garages are usually out of the way, you can use it as a storage unit while you pack the rest of your house. Freeing up space in rooms and hallways while you pack is always good.
Remove your car before you pack your garage.
Garages are full of heavy items. It will take a long time to pack them.

How to sort and pack your garage

You should probably save an entire day for this room. Garages are usually full of tools, machines, and vehicles which are very heavy and notoriously difficult to move. First of all, you’ll need to empty your garage of vehicles and machines you won’t pack. Park your car somewhere else today and leave the mower in the yard. You won’t need to pack your machines and the car is coming with you.

Next, you should sort all your items into groups. You can sort them by size, weight or by the moving truck they’re going in. The category doesn’t matter. What matters is that you should clean your items when you’re sorting them. Apart from this, separate a group of items which won’t be coming with you. Knowing what not to bring when you pack your garage is equally important. Make sure you’re not moving non-allowable items which can harm you and the movers if you transport them. Remember to drain the fuel from your lawnmower to avoid injury. In addition to these items, you should also make a small group of items you’ll donate, sell or throw away.

Sorted wrenches and other tools.
Sort and clean all your items when you pack your garage.

Use storage

If you’re moving to an apartment, you can sell some of the equipment you won’t need. Getting the right price for your items is difficult, and it may take some time. Since you probably won’t have room for them, you can rent a cheap storage unit for them while you wait for the best offer. Another way you can use storage to help you with packing your garage is to store your machines in it while you pack everything else. If your movers have storage units, you can let them keep your things safe while you pack and have your machines delivered to your new home.

Get the right packing supplies

Because of the things you’ll need to pack, you’ll have to get a lot of protective material. Therefore you should stock up on wraps, cardboard and paper. You can even use blankets or old clothes to wrap up the contents of your garage. You’ll also need a lot of boxes but, luckily, you can find free moving boxes and save up some money for more protective materials. Another thing you should always have when you’re relocating is duct tape. You can’t have enough duct tape. Apart from its various other uses, you can use it to reinforce your cardboard and boxes. Finally, you should have some basic cutting supplies like scissors or a box cutter.

Be safe – get help

Packing your garage efficiently shouldn’t endanger you in any way. Remember to take care of your health first. It’ll be of no use to pack your garage if you hurt yourself doing it. So, take it easy and don’t exceed your limits. You should ask for help from your friends or colleagues if you think you will need it. Furthermore, you should get the proper equipment for the task. A strong back is all very good, but you’ll need more than that to move some items. Buy or rent dollies for moving heavier items, and always have a first aid kit around!

Pack your garage but stay safe.
Always have a first aid kit on your moving day.

Another way to safely pack your garage is to have the movers do it. You can hire a company which provides packing services. With the help of experienced movers, your garage will be ready to go in no time! However, when you want to relocate, make sure you search for the best reliable movers at least a couple of weeks before your moving day. This will give both you and the movers enough time to prepare. Also, you’ll have a better chance of getting relocation services on the day you want if you schedule sooner.

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