How to pack your basement for relocation

When planning a move you will need to think of so many things. From which moving company to chose, how to protect certain items like appliances and artwork to what to wear on a moving day. All of these concerns and questions fit into the bigger picture of a relocation. After all, a move includes uprooting your whole life and moving it somewhere else, no wonder that it gets complicated! In doing this you will need to think about all your possessions. Therefore one of the questions you might ask yourself could be how to pack your basement for relocation. With it all the specifics this brings, in mind, we have decided to compile this article to help you out with just that!

Planning to pack your basement for relocation

The thing we cannot stress enough is the importance of planning for a well-conducted move. This is something all industry professionals, from local movers and interstate movers to international movers, will tell you. And planning is at the very forefront when you pack your basement for relocation. Depending on if you use your basement daily or purely for storage you will need to take different steps when packing it for a move. You will also need to set aside enough time to go through the items in your basement, some of which you might have totally forgotten about. With all other moving-related tasks upon you, having a good time schedule here will prove invaluable. It is also smart to take a look at what you use your basement for as different uses will mean different items inside. This will, in turn, means different moving preparations.

Basement as a gym

Many people use their basement as gym space. This will mean space is filled with exercising equipment. It can be both bulky and heavy and packing it could be difficult. Therefore when you pack your basement for relocation in this situation, you might want to look up specialized gym equipment movers. First of all, they will save you the trouble of taking out all the heavy equipment out of the basement. Secondly, moving such heavy gear could lead to injuries, something you surely want to avoid, especially during a move.

A woman excercizing in a basement. When you pack your basement for relocation make sure you avoid lifting injuries.
Many people use basements as a gym and hiring professionals to move the equipment here is advisable..

Basement as an entertainment room

If you use your basement as an entertainment room or a man cave you will likely have some bulky items in there too. Things like pool tables, pinball machines, and home theatres can be at least as bulky and heavy as gym equipment. Add to this any couches you might have in there and you get a room filled with heavy items. Therefore, the mentioned risk of heavy lifting injuries is as real here as with a gym basement. So, when you pack your basement for relocation, in this case, you too might want to look for professional help. Not only will hiring professional help remove your own risk of injury, but they will be able to take good care of your entertainment items. This way, you will be sure they will arrive at your new home safe and sound.

A man sitting on a sofa using a laptop.
When you pack your basement for relocation, keep in mind that the items you have inside might be very heavy.

Washing room basement

Something a lot of households have in common is using the basement for washing. You might have a washing machine and a dryer in there, as well as common household chemicals. Apart from the former being heavy, if you are moving with children you might want to make sure you restrict their access to this room while packing. After all, it’s so easy for children to slip by unnoticed while your busy trying to pack your basement for relocation. As all parents know, kids and chemicals should never mix. Therefore if you are preparing a washing room basement for packing, make sure you either lock yourself down there until you remove all harmful chemicals. Alternatively, you can have a family member or a friend take your children to the park. This will allow you to pack the basement freely.

Basement as purely a storage room

Finally, you may be using your basement for in-house storage. This is usually the trickiest to pack as there can be a lot of dust built up in there. In this case, you will want to gradually take the items out, before you pack your basement for relocation. Make sure you use a protective covering for the hallways you will be threading through while taking these items out. This plays a special role in stressful moves like last minute moves and military moves. Having a dust trail behind you that you’ll have to clean afterward will not help your moving stress. That’s why it is important, especially for example for a stress-free military move, to make sure you spread a little dirt around as possible. Once out you can clean them and then pack them, making sure you don’t take any of the dust with you.

Things you will exclude when you pack your basement for relocation

One thing we wanted to mention in this article is that there are items you will exclude when you pack your basement for relocation. This especially goes for storage room basements. While preparing the basement for the relocation, you might discover some items you have forgotten about. Old things that you put in the basement to later decide what to do with them. The move is just the perfect moment for this very thing. Take a realistic look at those items. Unless they have an emotional value, chances are that if you haven’t used something in ages, you don’t really need it.

Woman leaning on a window looking into a cluttered basement.
De-cluttering is a smart thing to do in every move, relocating your basement included.

In this case, packing these items will only take up your time and cost you more in packing supplies. Instead, you can contact one of the charities that will take these items off your hands for free! Firstly you will you save up the time and money by not packing these. Secondly, having someone actually come and pick these up for you will save you the time and effort it would take you to do it. You will also be doing a good deed here. It really is a win-win situation!

Pack your basement for relocation like a pro!

And there you have it! Reading through this article you should be ready to pack your basement for relocation like a professional. Just make sure you plan it well and take your time and you will be all good to go. Good luck!

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