How to pack wine bottles

From time to time when packing we encounter things that were unfamiliar with, or that deserve special attention. One of those things is wine bottles. So Master Moving Guide decides to help you out and tell you in detail how to pack wine bottles. Take a look and learn how to keep your precious collection safe during and stressful move.

Why do wine bottles require special attention?

People all over the world enjoy wine. Be it during lunch or dinner, while on a date, or spending quality time with friends, lovers, and family wine is one of those drinks that can accompany you in any of those situations. So it is only natural that you can find it in almost every home. Of course, from time to time you can tumble onto people that have more than a few. Collecting wine is also an expensive hobby. So when we take into consideration how fragile the bottles can be, as well as the importance and prices of said wine we realize how careful we need to be when packing wine bottles.

A wine bottle on the floor
Even people that don’t drink can own wine, and use it for cooking purposes.

Sometimes moving wine will require more help. There are even multiple moving companies with special services for wine. Those services are mostly used by collectors or people with a lot of wines. If on other hand you have less wine you can also do it alone. All you need to do is use cheap moving boxes save your money and move without any problems. All you need to do is follow our few tips.

Find packing materials

In order to pack wine bottles properly you will need to find and buy all of the materials needed. And there are different ways you can go about when it comes to supplies. First, you can find expensive boxes designed for wine bottles or special containers. At the same time, you can look into other types of expensive materials made especially for transporting wine. Second, if you already have money to throw away by purchasing expensive supplies, you can also just employ professional help and leave supplies, packing, and transport to them. And the last and best device, if you are planning to do a DIY move, is to save your money with cheap moving supplies! You can simply use any type of box, wrapping paper, packing peanuts, tape, bubble wrap, and labels.

Will cheaper packing supplies make your move less safe?

You are probably wondering if cheaper moving supplies can have a negative impact on your move. And we can understand where you are coming from. Let us assure you that the only thing that can affect your move is if you use those supplies in the wrong way. As long as you pack properly no matter what supplies you used, the wine should be safe. Of course, that doesn’t include accidents on the road or someone dropping the box. If you are afraid of your boxes being misplaced, or not handled properly you can also hire furniture movers to avoid injuries, potential dangers, and unforeseen events.

A box where you can pack wine bottles
You can pack wine bottles in special boxes that were made for transporting wine.

Secure the boxes

First, you need to secure the boxes. Make sure that the boxes you use are not too big or too small. If they are too big the items in them will only end up moving and breaking, especially if the items at hand are glass bottles. On the other hand, if the box is too small you won’t be able to secure the box and have room for the bottle. So consider medium-sized boxes. Start by tapping the box on all sides except the top. This way you will stop any ripping due to weight. And don’t forget to check if it is safe for the weight of the wine.

Wrap and pack wine bottles

When the securing of the boxes is done, it is time to wrap the bottles. For this, you can use wrapping paper or even bubble wrap depending on your preference. Place the wrap you choose on a flat service and lay a battle on top. Then roll the bottle in one direction. This way you will perfectly cover all sides. Secure it in place with tape. When packing items such as this detail is important. So secure the paper on the bottom of the bottle as well as around the cap. Of course, this is something you should also utilize when packing wine glasses and other stemware.

Pouring wine into a glass
Wine glasses are also difficult to pack at times.

In order to pack the already-wrapped bottles you will first need to put a layer of cushioning on the bottom of the box. After you do that provide to place the bottle inside standing upwards. In between the bottles, there should be a lot of packing peanuts. This way the bottles won’t move during the transport and won’t brake.

Contact professional wine movers

Packing alone can be easy for people with moving experience, as well as for people that don’t have a lot of items to move. But when it comes to some people like wine collectors, in order to pack wine bottles and move them some special services may be required. Why? First of all, if you look at some wine prices you will be left baffled at how expensive they can be. So why would you risk breaking them? And second, some of the wines require special transportation, as they need to be kept in specific temperatures and environments in order to be preserved. In those situations reading packing hacks for moving may not be enough. So, calling a company is the best and the cheapest choice.

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