How to pack water sports equipment

Are you a big fan of watesports? Usually, fans of water sports enjoy surfing, sailing, swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, so on. If you’re one of them, then you like to spend your days at the beach and getting all that adrenaline. However, when you need to move you have to transport your equipment as well. Since moving can be quite expensive, you should make your moving budget in advance and include moving your sports equipment. In order to continue spending your free time doing the things you love, here is how you should pack water sports equipment when moving. 

man standing on the surfboard
All the sports fans should know how to pack their sports equipment

Gather all the necessary packing supplies 

When you are making a moving cost checklist, you need to include packing supplies as well. Luckily, water sports equipment does not require any special packing supplies. This means saving money since you will use the same packing materials for the rest of your household. For this reason, you should get the following. 

  • Moving boxes in all sizes and shapes 
  • Protective material such as bubble wrapping  
  • Cushioning material such as packing peanuts 
  • Bags 
  • Zip ties 
  • All the necessary tools 
  • tape and markers 

Prepare your equipment 

According to every great master moving guide, you need to prepare in advance. This usually means cleaning your items before putting them in the box. If you have been doing water sports for a long time, you probably already know how to take care of your sports equipment. You should apply the same techniques here as well.

First, you should clean your sports equipment. Salt can damage your items. For this reason, you need to remove the salt from your equipment. Your equipment can also get dirty from the sand or dust. Therefore, you need to remove all the debris. Then, make sure to dry all the pieces of equipment because water can also cause damage. 

clean with spray then pack water sports equipment
Make sure to clean all the pieces of equipment

How to pack your water sports equipment 

Here are all the important tips to follow when you want to pack your sports equipment. Make sure that your items are ready before your fitness equipment movers arrive for the pickup. First, you should protect your items by using bubble wrappingSecure the bubble wrapping with tape and then place the piece of equipment in the box. The box should be slightly bigger than your piece of equipment. You should feel the empty space with packing peanuts. Then, you should shake the box slowly in order to see if your item has room to move. If it does, add more packing peanuts. Then seal the box with tape and make sure to label it. It would be smart to use original boxes of your water sports equipment if you still have them.  

All in all, it is not difficult to pack your equipment if you follow all the tips. In addition to this, you can also hire professional packers, if don’t feel confident or skillful enough. 

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