How to pack toys for storage

So, the kids have finally reached that magical age called puberty. An interesting period is ahead of you. And, while you are not as pleased with your offspring being super embarrassed about everything, including your existence, you can drown your sorrow in finally getting your place into its former state. A state where it no longer resembles a kindergarten, but a home of grownups. No longer will you trip on a rocking horse, or step on a lego while carrying a hot cup of coffee. Your house will now be toy-free. However, where does one go with all the toys? Simply throwing them away does not seem right. Who knows, there might be a time when you need them again. Renting a storage unit is a solution you are looking for. And the text in front of you will teach you exactly how to pack toys for storage.

Now, no one says you cannot simply shove all the toys in garbage bags and leave in a storage unit. Howbeit, since you are reading this text, we believe that you are looking for a more civilized approach to the whole situation. We also believe that you will be glad to hear that this text will provide just that. So, let us start with the first step in this whole process:

Speak with your kids about this action

Now, we will admit, this is not the first step in the process of packing personal things as such. Still, it is the thing you need to address first. There is no need to start an argument with your kids over this process. Speak with them and decide together what they want to keep if there is such a toy. Make sure that they know these toys are not going to the trash can, but are rather changing their residence with a permanent possibility of coming back.

Alphabet blocks that you need to put away when you pack toys for storage.
No one wants to see their childhood toy suddenly missing.

Sorting toys prior to packing them for storage

Every packing is best preceded by sorting. Just ask your local movers. They are super experienced in packing and know all there is about this process. Sorting is useful in many ways, and although it may take some time, it will show its worth down the line. You will be able to acquire necessary packing materials with greater precision, know how to navigate through the storage, and be super quick when looking for what you need.

So, now that we have the necessity of this step clear, let us see how you ought to go about it. Start by sorting them according to the material they are made of. More specifically, whether they are breakable or not. You would then sort them by size. After you have this bare minimum of four groups, you can proceed to the next step:

Getting the packing materials

To pack toys for storage, you will need packing materials. Now, things here will not differ much if any from your regular packing materials used for relocation. You can see if your local moving company New York has any to sell if you are looking for top quality. This is what we strongly advise, so as to ensure the safety and longevity of the toys. Still, if you are not too keen on spending money on sturdy boxes, you can look for some at your local warehouse or clothing shop. Just make sure that the boxes you get are stain and odor-free. It would also be smart to get some tape, markers, and a sort of cushioning material.

Teddy bear in a suitcase.
In order to pack toys for storage, you want to ensure they all have enough space in the box.

In addition, try to get boxes in various sizes. Assuming that the toys are of different shape and size, you will need to have enough space to pack them all, and yet avoid damaging any due to overcrowding the box.

Now comes the time to pack toys for storage

Start with the largest toys. Pack them in fitting boxes, and make sure they are stable and not prone to shifting while in there. You can fill the rest of the space with other, more pliable toys, the ones that will not get damaged. If the big toy itself is fragile, you want to wrap it with some packing or bubble paper. Be generous with this action. The additional toys you add will also serve as cushioning materials, so it is good to pair these items when packing them.

Making sure the toys are safe

When it comes to the toys that are fragile, small and/or heavy, make sure to put them in smaller boxes. This will ensure that the box is not filled with items that can cause damage to each other. In addition, it is never smart to pack heavy items in big boxes, since the weight can add up, making the box itself pretty hard to handle.

Once a certain box is filled, place a sheet of paper on top, and then close it. This will prevent any dust and debris from getting inside. Tape the top and make sure to label the box with contents. This is super important when storing any kind of item in storage units, including toys. It will make looking for any particular item that much shorter and simpler.

Close up of a Barbie.
Finding that one special Barbie doll will be much easier if its whereabouts are clearly visible.

We understand that all this precaution may seem like too much, especially when it comes to the choices you make when packing. Now, there will not be as much shifting as it occurs during transportation. However, these items will probably in storage for a long time, and gravity takes its toll in sometimes unexpected ways. Besides, you will have to move the boxes eventually, and there is no reason to risk any damage during that short period of time.

A word regarding the storage itself

Make sure that the storage unit is dry and dark. Moisture is a gateway for mold, and no one is going to be too happy to see a green teddy bear. Light and heat can cause all kinds of issues. Plastic and heat do not mix well, while wooden toys can also get some damage. So, after you pack toys for storage, you also want to make sure they have a nice temporary home until you claim them back.

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