How to pack toys for moving

Packing for the move can be very chaotic. How to prepare for movers is always the question. Between packing many kitchen items, decorations, and clothes, the last thing on the mind is toys. However, in the kid’s eyes, toys are the most important thing in the world. Toys are so much more than just items for entertainment. In normal circumstances, they also help your child develop imagination and creativity and stimulate cognitive skills. Additionally, when something stressful happens, like relocating, toys offer comfort to your kids. For this reason, they mustn’t get lost in the process of moving and come to the new house in perfect shape. Here are a few tips on how to pack toys for moving. 

Preparation is the first step when you pack toys for moving 

A couple of weeks prior to the packing, explain to your child what going to happen. Explain that the move will involve packing their toys in the boxes and that for some time they won’t be able to reach them. Involve your kids as much as possible in the process of packing. First, let them decide what toys they want to keep with themself through the move. If you are moving with a babythen choose the most frequently used toys. 

Before you start packing the rest of the toys, you should sort them out. Make two piles of toys, the one for the broken and the one for outgrown or unused toys. The first pile, you should throw away and for the second pile, you can donate toys to the children’s hospitals 

baby playing with toys
Toys are important for a child’s development

Get the adequate packing materials 

Packing toys is not different from packing for storage. After you sort all the toys, you will now have the real size ready to pack. You will need to get the following packing supplies. Make sure they are in good condition prior to using them.

  • medium-sized moving boxes 
  • a couple of the large-sized moving boxes 
  • packing paper  
  • bubble wrapping
  • packing tape 
  • black markers  

If you want to save some money, you can use reusable packing bins. They can be used multiple times. You can rent them and they offer more protection than the cardboard boxes. If they get wet, the inside items will stay dry. Check the rest of the Master Moving Guide for more tips on packing supplies. 

 pack toys for moving and Mario figurines
Make sure to pack fragile toys properly

How to properly pack toys for the move 

Now, when you got materials to pack toys for moving, you should properly pack them. First, encase the boxes with packing wrap for extra cushioning. Also, wrap any delicate and easily breakable toys with bubble wrapping before putting them in the box. Small items, like legos, put in smaller boxes with a lid. Place larger and sturdier toys in big boxes. After them, fill the rest of the space with smaller toys and crumpled paper or soft materials. Seal the boxes with packing tape and write on the box content and if they need any special instruction. 

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