How to pack personal memorabilia

A lot of us collect certain items. Be it postcards, stamps or souvenirs of our past travels. While memorabilia falls into the latter category it also encompasses items that remind us of certain people and events from our lives. That being said, the question of how to pack personal memorabilia arises whenever there is a need for us to relocate. After all these items have a special, emotional, value to us, therefore it is very important for us to make sure they arrive at our new home safe and sound. This is precisely why we compiled this article. To answer the question of how to pack personal memorabilia, and ensure you get to keep your treasured memories.


Good planning is very important for a good move. Do your research well and plan ahead and your move will go smoothly. When it comes to the issue on how to pack personal memorabilia this aspect of the move becomes even more important. After all, the aforementioned emotional value makes these items very important to most people. With good planning, you will ensure your memorabilia gets from your old home to your new one intact. However there are some things you need to pay special attention to when you pack personal memorabilia, and here they are:


A good idea before you pack personal memorabilia would be to categorize it. Be aware, however, as this can turn into a trip down memory lane and take you much more time than you would expect. However, categorizing will save you time in the long run. First of all, it will help you clearly see what packing supplies you need to get. Different items will need different kinds of protection. This is something we will talk about later on. Secondly, it might even help you de-clutter. Even though memorabilia carries a lot of emotional value, you might find items that you really won’t need anymore. Packing these would only take more time and money. As for the categorizing process itself, here are some useful categories to help you out:

Bulky items – things like large statues, vases and even furniture

Photos – anything from photos of your children and parents or other relatives to vacation photos.

Collectibles – collectibles of any kind like figurines, postcards, smaller statues etc.

Keepsakes – small items that have a special emotional value for you.

Personal papers – anything from birth certificates of your children to personal letters.

Assorted items on a table.
When you decide to pack personal memorabilia, make sure you sort it into appropriate categories.

Finding the right packing equipment to pack personal memorabilia

Once you’re done categorizing you will need to find the right packing equipment to pack your personal memorabilia. Depending on the type of the items you will need different packing supplies. For example, packing furniture is a complex process. Professional furniture movers will use different supplies depending on the type of furniture being moved. Anything from cardboard corner protection and a protective wrap to full-on crates might be in play here. On the other hand, smaller collectibles and fragile memorabilia will need only a sturdy box, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Photos and papers might be the easiest to pack as you can organize them in a plastic moving folder or a sealable plastic box for the relocation. The idea here is to prevent water from getting in and damaging them.

Deciding to pack personal memorabilia yourself or leaving it to the professionals

If you decide to pack personal memorabilia yourself keep in mind that these items need extra care paid to them. After all, breaking in transport any old coffee mug won’t hurt nearly the same as breaking the one you got from your children. So with valuable items such as these, it might be wise to hire professional help. Especially if it comes to moving bulky and heavy items. One thing professional senior movers might tell you seeing many times over is seniors overestimating themselves and getting hurt while moving heavy objects. Obviously, this should be avoided and in that case, having professionals conduct your move might be the best choice.

The health aspect

Moving can be fatiguing and stressful. Seniors that plan to pack personal memorabilia should have their health in mind. Not only is the moving process itself a strain on the organism, but looking through old items might bring an emotional surge. Therefore it would be wise to keep this in mind when planning your move.

A man holding a black and white photo of a girl
Going through personal memorabilia may lead to emotional moments.

Keeping track of your memorabilia during the move

Another thing you should consider when you decide to pack your personal memorabilia for a move is how you can keep track of it during the move. After all, it is so easy to misplace an item during the relocation process. Therefore,  a good idea would be to label the boxes with personal memorabilia. If you are using professional movers also don’t forget to label them as fragile to ensure they are handled with extra care. Another thing you can do is form a moving checklist and keep track of all the memorabilia you packed. Also, write down if you will be taking it with you or if you will be packing it into the moving truck. This way you will easily be able to keep track of all the items you packed, reducing the chance you will lose any of your memorabilia.

A notebook and a pen. When you pack personal memorabilia, keep a list of it.
Making a checklist will help you keep track of your items.

Even if you decide to pack these yourself and keep it on your person during a move, having a checklist will prove helpful. This way, if you are not sure if you packed something that you hold dear, in the middle of the move, you can make sure at a glace.

How to pack personal memorabilia like a pro

Having read through this article, you should be well prepared to pack personal memorabilia like a pro. Just make sure you take your time and plan ahead. Also, keep your cool once the move starts. Follow these steps through, as well as the ones we outlined in the article and you will be set.  Before you know it you will be arranging your personal memorabilia in your new home. All that remains for us now is to wish you good luck!

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