How to pack holiday ornaments safely

Our holiday ornaments have the assignment to get us into the cheerful holiday spirit.  We always have a truly magical time when we use them. Hence, we need to take special care when we are packing them. Check out the Master Moving Guide that will provide you with the best tips on how to pack holiday ornaments in all kinds of manners. Holiday decorations are something very special. That is why just simply putting them in the boxes will not work.  The main reason why simple throwing into boxes will not work is that they are very fragile.  You need to handle them smartly and with extra attention. That means that packing and storing them like any other item is really not recommendable. This can be really challenging, but we have no doubt that it is not impossible when you are professional enough.

Pay attention to some of the most efficient methods to pack holiday ornaments safely

Whether you are interstate movers or you are handling things locally, taking care of the decorations will contain more or less similar instructions. When you have to move a family to a new home soon, you need to take care of everything that they want to bring with them. Especially if the moving date is very close to Easter, Christmas, or Halloween, packing decorations will be one of your primary tasks. You need to do it in a way so that they would survive any type of move. Here are a couple of the most interesting methods you can use in your business:

  • make sure to immobilize them properly for transit
  • you need to choose packing supplies carefully
  • if there is a possibility sort them out
  • make sure to separate more and less fragile items
Boxes in the room
One of the biggest challenges, when we discuss how to pack holiday ornaments, is finding the appropriate boxes

If you want to be certain that your skill to pack holiday ornaments safely is proficient, make sure that you immobilize them properly for transit

Safe immobilizing is important after you have packed up your cherished ornaments in boxes. However,  it is important while you are in the process of packing also. When you have the items fixed, it is a lot easier to handle them. If you are one of the reliable movers, you will also know to make sure you fill up any remaining place inside each container. You can do it with tons of different materials. The best of them are definitely bubble wrap and crushed paper. To be on the safe side, it is for the best that you use both. Being an experienced mover, you will know that this is an important step in the packing process. The reason why is because it will ensure there are absolutely zero movements inside the moving boxes.

You need to choose packing supplies carefully

For you as a company, choosing the perfect supplies has a much larger effect than when you are a private individual. First, you will buy in bulks, so the quantity matters. In addition, quality is also important since you need to make a brand out of yourself.  People need to know that they will hire movers without getting scammed.  Some of the basic supplies you need to choose are packing paper for wrapping ornaments. Right after the paper you need to think about the boxes. They can be cardboard or plastic. Ideally, if you have enough budget money to invest, it is for the best if you can offer both plastic and cardboard boxes. Additional items that you will need are also bubble wrap, tape, markers, Ziploc bags, etc. Don’t buy cheaper supplies since the customers will be ruthless with reviews if the quality of the service is bad.

People carrying boxes
Cardboard boxes are very efficient for packing ornaments services

Sort them out if possible

In most cases, customers manage to do this part by themselves. Still, sometimes they will not have enough time, or in this case, maybe it will be too depressing for them. Therefore, sorting them out can be additional work for you, but you can also have fun. You can make it optional and charge it additionally. Sorting the ornaments will help both you and your customers to avoid headaches. You can organize them by room. ( family room, kitchen), or for example display ( mantle, Christmas tree). By categorizing the ornaments, customers will know where every item stands. Also, no digging through boxes for you when you transfer decorations from one home to another. In the end, if there is not enough space for all of the decorations, make sure to offer storage services for holiday decorations.

Separate more and less fragile items

The point of separating the fragile products that need a little bit of extra attention from the “regular fragile ones” is that most of them stay safe. Items do not have to be of glass or ceramic to be considered delicate. Tons of Christmas decorations for example have tiny pieces that require special care when packing. So, in order for them to be safe and sound, you should go ahead and separate them out into a breakables pile. The piles can be made of ceramic, glass, any other sensitive materials.

Labeled boxes
Labeling can also be a useful method when packing ornaments


Holiday decorations have a special place in people’s hearts and homes. Whether it’s a stuffed snowman or some expensive decoration, almost each and every one of them has sentimental value. That is why it is very important to pack holiday ornaments safely. These are not just objects. These items are the purest memories of Christmases past. People will trust you with their valuable items and you will need to justify their trust. Give the customers and yourself enough time to take time and care with decorations. Be patient and at your disposal, and everything will go very smoothly.

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