How to pack fragile items for storage

When relocating home, people often choose to store some of the stuff in the storage units. It is a lucrative way of gaining more space for various things. You are not gaining just the additional space for your boxes and random stuff from your home. But more space to use for all kinds of activities. Therefore, anything you store inside should be packed properly and well organized. So, as reliable movers within the moving industry, you should know how to pack fragile items for storage and do it like pros. Let us cover this topic together and deliver a flawless service to each and every customer out there.

Is a professional moving company needed to pack fragile items for storage?

When people search for movers on the internet, they read a bunch of moving reviews and feedback. All in order to hire movers without getting scammed. Moving companies must keep the quality of the service and the appropriate communication with the customer. The goal is to keep the reputation intact and stay competitive in the moving industry. Sadly, because of very few fraudulent moving companies, bad rep is spread through the industry. And to avoid being connected with them, you must do the following:

  • Follow rules and regulations.
  • Always deliver premium service.
  • Be honest and communicate clearly.
  • Provide precise moving quotes.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction.
mover evaluating boxes
Yes, there is always a reason to hire a moving company. But it all comes down to the customer and if they need one or not.

So, try to stand out and give example to all moving companies out there. Keep your service up to the highest standard and help the moving industry stay afloat. For additional information, more references, or to find a desirable moving company, check out Master Moving Guide. Check it out for all things moving-related.

Packing supplies one must obtain to pack fragile items for storage

To pack fragile items for storage safely, you must have an appropriate set of packing materials. Those can be obtained at the hardware store, home depot, or any supplier your company chose. Remember that not all interstate movers have a packing service so some customers might have to purchase materials themselves. Luckily, those examples are rare nowadays. Hopefully, your company has a wide offer of packing materials that can be used to pack and transport items to the storage safely. What is important in this story, is to have proper materials that can withstand long-term storage inside the unit. All packing materials required for the whole process are cardboard boxes, plastic bins, plastic wrap, adhesive tape, and labels.

Although, for those who have a bigger budget to dedicate to packing materials, you should have more to offer. There are packing peanuts, Styrofoam, customized boxes, corner pads, and higher-quality packing paper and adhesive tape. Those are generally used for items that are expensive, easily breakable, unique, and delicate. So, keep both variations in your catalog so you can make a nice offer to your customer.

Cardboard boxes

We will give praise to the king for the packing process. Yes, the carton moving box. It is the hallmark of each relocation and all items you pack rely on the quality of your cardboard boxes. So, you must provide to your customer all shapes and sizes of cardboard boxes. But keep in mind that some customers would like to use wooden crates, plastic bins, metal containers, and more. Those are usually purchased as a long-term investment but you can rent them in a transportation means while plastic beans are amazing solutions for long-term storage. But when we draw the line, it all comes down to the cardboard box. It is a cheap, strong, and eco-friendly material that everyone can use. Be sure you keep the affordable prices and your customers will be most satisfied.

use better-quality cardboard boxes when you pack fragile items for storage
Even though there are many other types of containers out there, cardboard is the best solution by far.

Inventory checklist

Your customer must make an inventory list of all the items they want to relocate to the storage unit. Once they point you in the right direction, you can pack fragile items for storage. But to be sure you can move around the place safely; you must inspect it first. Simply because you will be handling a lot of fragile material. This information should be provided at the very beginning before you provide your customer with the moving quotes. They should tell you if there are any extremely hard-to-handle items as well as any obstacles in the environment. This way you can organize better, bring more people with you, or bring a special set of tools to handle this job better. This kind of organization will secure a safe and successful relocation for both parties involved.

Let’s pack fragile items together

Start with the smallest items first and then work your way to the largest pieces. Firstly, you must make a cushion inside the box by using enough blister packs. Then, wrap each item individually and place it inside the box. Add bubble wrap as a buffer between items and once the box is full close it out. Apply adhesive tape from all sides and add the label. Labels are important to raise awareness of the content inside. Now, keep in mind that you should never mix fragile items with regular items and never put heavy items on top of them. And apply this tactic during transport as well.

two people wrapping a chair
If furniture should stay inside the unit for a longer period, protect it with plastic wrap.

As for the way you will store boxes inside the storage unit, you can choose a nice and cozy corner where you’ll stack all the boxes. But this is something your customers must decide. You can only give them some advice. It would be nice if they have some kind of a shelving system to organize everything better. If they do, all those fragile items will be ten times safer than lay down on the floor. Finally, whatever you store in the unit, make sure it is covered with a tarp or a sheet to be protected against dust, light, and environmental influence.

There we go, now you know how to pack fragile items for storage. It is not so hard if you have all the materials required, all the tools, and an appropriate moving vehicle. Just stay focused while doing it and do not rush the process. The goal is to keep your customer happy and to bring all items to the other side intact. Good luck.

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