How to Pack for College: Tips and Tricks

Ah, going to college. Is there a more exciting time in a person`s life? Just the thought of all the people you are going to meet, things you are going to do and valuable knowledge you are going to get is enough to get you tingling with excitement. However, there is one rather tedious task that no one wants to deal with, but has to in order to go to college. Can you guess what it is? That`s right! Before you can start enjoying your time in college, you first need to pack all of your belongings. However, don`t fret! Master Moving Guide is coming to your rescue. Let us teach you how to pack for college, after which everything will be smooth sailing.

A brown suitcase, which is the first thing you need when you pack for college, with a camera and black and white pictures next to it.
Before you can start making new memories, you first need to learn how to pack for college.

Make a checklist

It is common knowledge that a checklist can be your best ally when moving. In the instance of going to college, we are talking about a checklist for packing. So what is it that you need to do in order to make an ultimate moving checklist?

  • Put all the basics you must pack for college first! These are the items you use daily, such as towels and toiletries.
  • Next, include the items you often use, but not on a daily basis. This section can include small kitchen appliances, such as an electric kettle.
  • Finally, put the items you wish to bring, but deep down in your heart know you can live without. This way, if you have some space left, you can easily opt for something else to bring.

After you create a comprehensive checklist, the work has just begun. More important, and difficult things await, so it is better to start working on them while you still have enough time.

Gather the packing supplies

For any packing to be able to happen, you need to have a place where to put all of your belongings. Of course, we are talking about cardboard boxes. They are the first thing you need to stock up on before you start packing for college. And, since you are about to be a college student, we assume you must be strapped for cash. It is useful to know that you can find cheap moving boxes if you only take the initiative and ask around.

Moreover, besides boxes, you will need other packing supplies, such as tape, packing paper, and other protective packaging materials. You need to make sure your boxes are safely packed and well-labeled. Now that you are armed with a checklist, and with enough packing supplies to suit your needs, the real work begins!

A blonde woman smiling and holding a big cardboard box in front of a yellow surface.
One can never have too many moving boxes!

How to pack your clothing for college?

Your clothes will take up most of your space in a dorm room. Therefore, you need to be wise when packing and not give in to your urges to pack all of your favorite clothes. There are a few rules you should abide by if you want to avoid making a mess out of your room. A room with a very limited space if we might add.

  • Focus on the clothing items which are versatile. For example, a white shirt can be used for almost every occasion, and it goes well with both evening wear and casual outfits.
  • Since you will spend nine or ten months in college, you will experience every season while there. Pack equally for every possible weather condition, since you want to avoid being surprised. Of course, in case your hometown is close to the college you are attending, and you plan to visit home very often, you can focus on the season which is ahead of you.
  • Bring at least one formal attire. Let`s be honest. Besides learning, college is all about going to different parties, so you should make sure you have what to wear.
  • Don`t forget to bring clothing for sports. Staying healthy will be a challenge during your first year in college. Ever heard of the freshman fifteen? However, you should make an effort, and perhaps your favorite sports outfit can motivate you.
  • Remember that from now on you will have to wash your clothes! Consult a professional (most likely your mom) and pack laundry detergent.

Good news! That was the hardest part of your journey to pack for college. It only gets easier from now on, so you can start preparing for moving day.

A close up of two different suits in a store. One is grey, and another one is dark blue.
Formal attire is a must if you are packing for college.

When you pack for college, you must think about personal hygiene

The next thing to tackle when packing should be the things you use for personal hygiene. These include a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gels and so many more items. However, never forget to pack them, as you want to smell nice on your first day of college.

Moreover, you need to remember to pack two sets of bedding. One will get dirty after a while, and you need a spare before you can wash the other one.

Finally, pack the appliances

The first thing you need to remember is that the dorm rooms are small! There is not enough space for too many appliances, so it will take you some time to figure out what to bring. However, the two items you must bring are an iron and a hair drier. These are the things you will use on a daily basis, so they are never a waste of space.

Furthermore, before you decide to pack some other appliance, check with your college. Some have restrictions on certain items, such as mini fridges.

The conclusion

Sure, you might struggle for a few days to pack for college, but it will all be worth it in the end. The best period of your life awaits! And, if you happen to pack more than you can fit into your dorm (which happens in a lot of cases) you should not worry too much. You can always rent a climate controlled storage unit and keep your things there for the time being. Good luck, and enjoy every single day you spend in college!

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