How to pack a pool table for transport

Moving a pool table is a rather complex task. The pool table is one of the largest and heaviest pieces you have in your household. Therefore, you can’t move it without disassembling it. And that requires special handling, patience, and time. So, unless you and your friends are professionals, don’t try to complete this task on your own. Also, for moving such demanding pieces of furniture, you can’t rely on regular relocation services. So, to properly pack a pool table for transport it is better to hire skillful movers.   Their specialized crew will disassemble, pack and reassemble your pool table to your greatest satisfaction. If, on the other hand, you want to do this on your own, Master Moving Guide will show you how.


There are various types of pool tables

Not all pool tables are the same. So, that is an additional reason to hire professional movers. Their specialized teams know all types of pool tables well. And they know that each of these types requires a different approach. Thus, they will have to be disassembled and packaged in different ways.

Here, we will discuss the packing process of a standard, wood-framed pool table with drop pockets and a slate bed. For example, you may have this type of table. If so, and if you still wish to DIY, this guide can help you. However, we strongly recommend that you engage the professionals to pack it.

Pool table with green felt in a room – how to pack a pool table for transport.
Pool tables are usually heavy and massive.

Important safety tips when you pack a pool table for transport

When taking apart any piece of furniture, you have to be careful. You must not forget your safety at any time. When you are disassembling or reassembling the pool table, you have to be even more careful. Parts of the pool table are heavy. So, when working with it, make sure to properly protect yourself. In addition to proper clothing, you need to wear sturdy shoes. It is also good to wear eye protection glasses.

Before you begin, get the right tools

To disassemble the pool table for transport you will need the right tools. However, if you are hiring professional help, movers will bring all the necessary tools with them. Besides, they know all the packing hacks for moving, which will make the whole process simple and fast.

In case of DIY disassembling, you’ll need to get:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wrench
  • Drill with a screwdriver bit
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blanket

Steps to disassemble the pool table for transportation

Following the given steps, you will be able to disassemble the pool table. And to pack it for transport. Some parts may be easier to take off. And some will require better skills. In any case, be sure to save all removed parts. Otherwise, you will have a problem reassembling the pool table afterward.


Red tool boxes.
To successfully pack a pool table for transport, make sure to have all the necessary tools.

Remove the staples that are securing the pockets

For this step, you will need to work from below. So, the best is to lay on a back under the table and use the flathead screwdriver. Make sure to carefully remove the staples used to hold the drop pockets fixed. And don’t forget to use protective glasses. After you remove all staples, take the pockets off and place them in the packing box.

Unscrew and remove the side rails

For this disassembling step use the wrench. The task is to remove all the bolts which are keeping rails in place. Usually, every rail is fixed with three bolts. Also, study the rails themselves. They usually vary from type to type of table. The side rail may be in one or multiple pieces. When removing bolts, make sure to keep them in a separate plastic bag, as you will need them to reassemble the table. It would be good to attach such a bag to side rails with tape. After that, put the side rails aside, in a safe place.

The next step when packing a pool table for transport is to remove the felt

This is a very delicate step in disassembling a pool table. However, in order to get to the slate bed underneath, you must remove the felt first. Usually, you will have to remove the felt from the slate. The felt can be attached to the slate in two ways:

  • It can be glued to the slate – in this case, you have to be very careful when removing it. You have to be patient and work slowly. Otherwise, the felt can easily tear. This further means that you will have to buy a new felt when reassembling the table. Also, removing the glues felt, be extremely careful when pulling the felt up around the pockets.
  • Some felts are fixed to the slate by staples – so you will need to use either needle-nose pliers or a flathead screwdriver to remove them. Again, you will have to do it carefully, to save felt from tearing.

Once you are done, you can fold the felt and pack it using the cheap moving boxes.

Red and silver truck on asphalt road.
Packed pool table pieces must be well-fastened inside the moving truck.

Removing the slate is the next step in preparing the pool table for transport

In case you are disassembling the pool table on your own, you will need some help with this step. The slate is very heavy. If it consists of several pieces, each of them can weigh about 150 pounds.  At the same time, the slate made as a single piece can weigh 450 pounds and more. So, you will need someone to help you lift it.

However, before lighting it, you will have to remove the screws. Generally, expect to find one screw in each corner of the slate. Furthermore, there may be additional screws. Usually, those additional screws are running down the slate center. So check the slate carefully. Many manufacturers have those screws coated in wax, so it can be a bit tricky to find them. After removing all the screws,  lift the slate bed off the main body. Wrap it carefully. Besides wrapping paper and cardboard sheets, it is also good to use a moving blanket. That will protect the slate additionally. Also, make sure to keep all the screws in a bag attached to the slate.

The last step is to remove the table legs

This task is usually easy. In most cases, the legs are just screwed into the body. After removing them, all that remains is to carefully wrap them. That way, they will be ready for interstate movers to load and transport them.

Transporting your pool table

Following those simple steps, we hope that you’ve completed disassembling successfully. Additionally, you may consult the pool table diagram. It can show as extra help in the preparation process. So, after you pack a pool table for transport, load the parts onto the moving truck. Also, take care that they are properly placed. And that they are fastened. That will prevent them from moving and bumping into each other. So, that will prevent them to sustain any damage during the transportation time.

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