How to pack a fridge for relocation

If you are in the process of planning a relocation, add carrying heavy appliances on your moving checklist. It’s one of the most challenging jobs when it comes to relocations. Not only are refrigerators heavy and bulky, but they’re also expensive appliances. And you have to figure out how to disconnect and prepare them. However, you can make the job much easier by knowing how to properly pack a fridge for relocation. Though it’s best to leave this job to the professionals which are always the best moving insurance, maybe that’s not an option for you now. But we still have you covered. To make sure your large kitchen appliance doesn’t get damaged while you do this, arm yourself with patience and use all the right tools. Our guide should help you pack a fridge for relocation from A to B, safety guaranteed.

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With a little planning and a helping hand (best if it’s a professional one, though), moving a refrigerator can be done safely and securely, protecting both you and your appliance.

1. Cleaning and moving supplies you’ll need if you want to pack a fridge for relocation

Before we can start to show you how to pack a fridge for relocation, you should first collect, find or buy the proper supplies. The right equipment should set you on a successful path for you to properly prepare and pack your fridge for moving. Make sure you gather the following materials:

  1. Appliance dolly together with some straps to secure the bulky item in place;
  2. Measuring tape to plan out a path maneuvering ring the heavy appliance;
  3. Power tools. In most cases a simple screwdriver will do if you don’t have a power drill;
  4. Some moving blankets (or use some old blankets and covers that you can wash later either way);
  5. Plastic wrapping;
  6. Moving boxes for fridge parts;
  7. Packing tape or a string of rope;
  8. Minimum of two willing friends or hired labor.

2. Empty the fridge and turn it off 48h before the move

The first step to packing a fridge for relocation is prepping it thoroughly. First, you should make sure you’ve emptied all its contents. You can toss whatever was close to expiration date right away. Canned goods and unopened boxes should go in the donation bin. But, anything else that you might want to eat in the next 24-48h before your movers arrive, you can keep in a cooler. Just remember to get enough ice to keep your food properly chilled for that period of time.
Plan ahead and start making creative dinners to use all your perishables in the weeks prior to the move.

After you’ve gotten rid of all the food, clean every nook and cranny of your refrigerator thoroughly. The best concoction efficient with mold, bacteria and disinfecting is a mixture of baking soda and water. You can only melt any remaining ice in the freezer by turning it off. Do it as early as 48h hours before moving day. These steps will prevent accidental water leaks from ruining your move.

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets
Never put yourself and your friends in jeopardy by moving heavy items unprepared and without a moving dolly. Enlist the pros and while they do what they were trained to do best, you can explore our blog.

3. Get rid of any moisture. Clean and pack a fridge for relocation like a pro

If you want to properly pack a fridge for relocation, you should provide the evaporator with enough time for it to defrost completely. If you don’t do this step as we say, you risk damaging your appliance. It will be especially susceptible to damage during transit. When you disconnect your fridge on time, you’ll safely bring the oils and fluids in the motor to a halt, stopping them from circulating through the compressor. When it comes to the automatic icemaker, it’s mandatory that you disconnect the water hose and clean up all ice. This way you can prevent leaks that could present a great danger to your wallet!

After it completely defrosts, you can proceed to pack a fridge for relocation. Clean and make sure you wipe all surfaces to dry them. You can even leave the doors open to help moisture evaporate naturally. If you have to pack your apartment overnight, use a moisture absorbent substance like activated charcoal. It’s a foolproof way to prevent mold from growing. Bottom line, if you don’t hire professional packers to do this, you’re going to need to put that elbow grease to work if you want to pack a fridge for relocation.

4. Measure the fridge and doorways to create a maneuvering plan.

Even if you can pack a fridge for relocation like a pro, it will mean nothing if you don’t come up with a way to carry it out the front door. This will grossly depend on how wide your appliance is and how narrow your hallways and doorways are. In some cases, people had to remove both the doors in their rooms and the doors on their fridge to squeeze it through without damaging anything.

You can easily pack a fridge for relocation if you carefully take measurements. Write down the height, width, and depth of your appliance. Then calculate the height and width of your doorways and angles where you’ll need to pivot your refrigerator. Then create a game plan for fitting the refrigerator through each obstacle.

5. Secure your refrigerator for moving

You should wrap and pack each part of your fridge separately. Carefully wrap glass parts with blankets, towels, or plastic wrap. You can, of course, use anything that is just lying around the house, you can also wash it later. Tape the door shut, or use a string or rope. Your movers will use professional moving straps. That way the door will stay closed during transportation which guarantees it stays intact. Buy a moving dolly to safely transport your fridge from your kitchen to the truck rental. You’ll need one person to lift the fridge slightly on one end, while the other will slide the dolly underneath. Use the dolly straps to pack a fridge for relocation and tighten it into place.

Girl in a pink sweater looking inside her fridge thinking about how to pack a fridge for relocation
Though it’s best to leave this job to the professionals, our guide can help you pack a fridge for relocation from A to B yourself, safety guaranteed.

Do you still need professional help to pack a fridge for relocation to your new home?

Even if you think you and your friends are very capable, and fit, and strong, doing as much as you can yourself is not the only way to save money. Actually, statistically, DIY moves have had a higher bill than paying the pros. DIY moving has hidden costs that can blindside you when you least expect it. So consider hiring a moving company for your large appliances. And if you are still worried about money, wondering how much to tip movers, we have a wonderful blog that can answer all your questions and save you from a lot of trouble and worry.

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