How to organize clothes with storage bins?

Have you ever had to sift through all of your shirts and blouses to locate your white suit? What about searching for your favorite sweater in a sea of garments, accessories, and shoes? No matter how hard you try, your closet will eventually become messy. People tend to stuff everything and anything in there. Even the most organized houses have at least one messy drawer. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. But if you want to get your room in order, here are a few helpful tips on how to organize clothes with storage bins.

A few tips on how to organize clothes with storage bins

No matter how big or tiny your walk-in closet is, you can optimize your storage space with these creative solutions. The first step is to focus on the most problematic sections of your wardrobe, such as your everyday wear, your handbag collection, or your shoe rack. For a more orderly and manageable closet, there is a creative storage option such as storage bins for every available space and budget. If you follow these few Master Moving Guide tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting your closet in order in no time.

an overflowing closet
The best solution for an overflowing closet is cloth bins.

1. Incorporate dividers

Create clothing dividers by printing easy-to-hang divider tags on paper to help you distinguish and sort items simply so you can locate precisely what you’re looking for fast if you have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe. Especially for children’s closets, these partitions are ideal. Additionally, you may use a variety of materials, such as foam sheets, scrapbooks, wood, or even old CDs, to make even more adorable and amusing clothes dividers for your children.

2. Get a few cloth bins for storage

The nice aspect about storage bins is that they may easily share shelf space in the closet with your favorite stuff. Make use of the extra closet space you now have by purchasing some inexpensive storage bins in the shapes, sizes, and fabrics of your choosing and stacking them there. Sort your materials by color, kind, or use to get your closet back in order.

3. Add a laundry hamper

A built-in hamper is a great idea if you’re planning on installing a shelf unit in your walk-in closet so that you can sort your laundry and keep your filthy items off the floor. In the event that you have a shared closet, identify the bins with blackboard labels so that everyone knows where their personal belongings are and doesn’t wind up sifting through the whole closet looking for them.

a woman trying to organize clothes with cloth storage bins
You can organize clothes with storage bins, but also dirty laundry and accessories.

4. Use up as much space as you can

Use every square inch of your closet, from floor to ceiling, to keep your belongings in order. It may be filled with a variety of different hooks, ranging in height, to hang anything from scarves to handbags. Accessories and other things you need regularly while leaving the house may be stored in over-the-door shoe organizers, which can be placed on the inside of each closet door. With cloth bins and hang rags, you won’t need storage service if your drawers seem to be overflowing at the moment.

5. Cloth bins for your shoes

Shoe cubbies or tiered racks may be used to maximize vertical space underneath hanging garments. Sort them according to color or activity to make them easier to grab and go. As an alternative, you may choose to go for an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer or cloth bins for shoes, which are easy to install and can fit many types and sizes of shoes. Cloth bins are a cheap storage option while also very effective. They’ll keep your closet neatly organized at all times.

6. Keep accessories out of your closet

Wallets and purses are often misplaced among the jumble of clothing in the average person’s wardrobe. Acrylic carriers mounted to the wall are the perfect way to show off these stunning pieces. But if you can’t afford them, a few cloth bins can do the job of preserving your bags and keeping them organizes just fine.

7. Drawer organizers, you can build yourself

If you don’t have any other space for your accessories, you can make some DIY drawer organizers in your closet for them. These organizers, which you can build from colorful and patterned scrapbook paper, will bring a smile to your face every time you open a drawer. Here you can have your socks or jewelry all sorted out. Instead of wasting space on your wall by hanging belts, purses, and scarves, store them in one of these organizers. You can get some inspiration for your DIY drawers on Pinterest. There are many easy tutorials available.

organized shelf
DIY Storage drawers are excellent for organizing your clothes.

8. Storage boxes on the top shelf

Stack your out-of-season garments on the higher shelf above your clothing rack in clever cloth storage boxes. Add shelf dividers to create tiny compartments for your clothing and accessories so you can easily see and grab them. In addition to keeping your purses upright and accessible, you can also use them to separate piles of folded items so that they don’t tip over and cause a mess.

9. Keep the laundry on the bottom shelf

In the absence of the option of installing a built-in hamper, use a cloth storage bin for your dirty laundry as well. You should get two. One for white laundry and one for color. It’s very easy to organize clothes with storage bins. And it’s easy to move with them as well. When it’s time to move, you can simply get your cloth bins and put them in a moving truck instead of buying moving boxes. For more storage tips, feel free to head to our blog page.

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