How to organize an art exhibit relocation cross country?

Being an artist we are sure that you have come across so many disruptions when preparing an art exhibit. And one of those that you might be facing is when you have to relocate and move. In order to organize an art exhibit relocation and prepare for the move, you have to have a plan. There are a few steps that you need to take and starting with writing them down will sure make your job easier. Working by a plan you will be avoiding so many mistakes and damages that can occur during the move.  So if you are about to experience this type of moving, focus on this article and the suggestions that Master Moving Guide provides. Following this simple guide, you will be having some of the best moving experiences.

Start with making an inventory list of all your artworks

This is maybe the biggest and the most important stuff that needs to be done. This is actually in general the best thing to do whenever you are moving with long distance movers. Do not skip any item, thinking it is less valuable. If you are not sure that you will remember everything, make little notes. Divide the artworks into a few simple groups. There are some items that need to be taken care of more than others. You might have some piece of art that cannot be packed in ordinary moving boxes. All of these should be on your piece of paper. That is how you will know what and how you will have to pack everything for the relocation.

man listing pictures to organize an art exhibit relocation
Make sure you have a list of every item in your exhibit

Make a checklist when you organize an art exhibit relocation

As we said, there is some piece of art that should have different attention than others.  Once you make a moving checklist, you will have a vivid picture of what kind of packing materials and supplies you will need. However, you must be really careful when ordering them. If you do not get enough of the materials, you might be in a situation, not to pack some items. And if they are not packed in a proper way or not packed at all they might get damaged during the transportation.

So maybe the best thing you can do is hire some professional help. This is maybe even the best decision if it is not your artwork. Talk to the artists and make sure if there are some details that you need to know to be informed. If there is anything that has some special details on how to be packed and relocated, make notes near that artwork.

Why should you get some help?

Professionals are there for a reason. They know how to treat sensitive items in a proper way. With a lot of experience, they sure know how to pack and relocate your art exhibit. And when you have someone with experience to relocate you the price is not important. That is why, even according to an ultimate moving guide, you should consider hiring professionals to help you move.

How to pack when you need to organize an art exhibit relocation?

As written above, there are some items that require special moving supplies and packing materials. If you have noted which those items are, packing should be done without any problems. But first of all, before you place artwork in any packing material, it needs to be clean.

sculpture in a museum
Clean the items before packing


For cleaning sensitive items, you need to have special equipment. If these are not your artworks, make sure you consult the artist on how they maintain the items clean. Do not use any strong liquids and make sure that the cloth that you are using is soft and from nice materials. Do not worry if there is something that you cannot clean. You can always hire some cleaning services to do the hard work. Just do not pack items if you have not cleaned them before. To relocate an art exhibit cross country in any of the best cities for millennials in the US, you must be ready to set the exhibit the money you have relocated. You will not have time to clean it afterward because it will just take too long.

Do not use a simple box

This is never a good idea. If you are relocating paintings, you need to protect the glass. Pictures are usually in frames, and many of them have expensive frames and all of these things should be taken care of properly. One of the tips is to use masking tape and put an X over the glass cover. This tape will keep the glass in one piece and be still during the relocation. But, if there are pictures that are not in a frame, folding is the key. Use plastic or more sensitive packing and wrapping material. You should make sure that the edges are not folded. And do not hesitate to wrap the picture in a few layers. Nothing will hurt if you put some extra layers.

If you are relocating other artwork, make sure you use bubble wrap. Finding some firm packing supplies, such as plastic containers, will avoid items getting damaged. And the same rule goes here too. There is nothing wrong with wrapping the items in extra layers. And if you have any doubt about whether you have done a good job, you can always look for additional art-protecting tips.

Wrap items in several layers when you pack and organize an art exhibit relocation

When you have to organize an art exhibit relocation and transport the artworks across the country, you must be ready for it. Search for some tips and tricks on how to properly pack and move the artwork. Ask for help if you are not sure that you are capable of doing this. Keep the items in the same shape as they were before even packing. Clean them with special cleaning products. By doing everything right, you will relocate your art exhibit without any damage or problems.

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