How to negotiate with a moving company

When people choose a moving company, they always look at the best options. Finding a good mover is a tricky task, therefore, you should consider your possibilities. As there are plenty of moving companies on the market, there are also a lot of services they offer, but we don’t need all of them. Before you sign a contract, you should try to negotiate with your company. This can bring many benefits, in terms of price, discounts, and insurance. Professional moving companies like are aware that customers will choose the most affordable offers. As a result, they are willing to cooperate and negotiate with you. If you have never done this before, you may want to read this moving guide. Read more to learn how to negotiate with a moving company.

Compare your company’s moving quote

Before you negotiate with your mover, you should find at least three other companies and ask for their free estimates. This will help you compare prices with your company’s moving quotes. When you relocate, each penny is significant. After you get the price range, you may want to ask your mover which services are included in the estimate. Moreover, you may want to know about special discounts or offers based on the moving season, age, and distance. Your moving company will answer all of your questions and create a moving plan for your situation. Each relocation is unique, so you deserve to get the best options. Furthermore, beware of scams and companies offering unrealistic prices. The lower the price, the worse the service.

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If you are not sure how to negotiate with a moving company, start by comparing moving quotes. You can get good services at lower prices

Use necessary moving services only

If you are moving on a budget, some of the services your mover offers will probably exceed it. Moving companies provide a whole range of services to make your relocation easier. However, most of them are unnecessary, and incompatible with our moving costs checklist. After you put your finances on a piece of paper, you can negotiate with your mover about possible service removal. Examine the services you can do without. These usually include bubble wraps and other packing material you can buy on your own. Moreover, instead of hiring staff to disassemble your furniture, you may use help from friends and family. Politely ask your mover to make another estimate for you, without unnecessary services. This way, you will get a price that doesn’t break the bank.

When you make a plan on how to negotiate with your moving company, don’t set for the first offer

Moving companies have many discounts and special offers. This is because of the growing demand for moving services. If you want to get a more affordable offer, you should just ask. There is no need to be shy, as your mover will become your long-term partner. If you are upfront about your inquiry, you can get a promotion or a more affordable estimate. Most people don’t know that there are different types of estimates, including a binding one. But what is a binding estimate? It is the most accurate assessment of your costs.

When you get the final price of your relocation, it will not undergo any changes or hidden costs. However, moving companies don’t always offer this promotion, unless in special circumstances. You can get it if you are honest with your possibilities. Moreover, your mover will like the honesty, as well as the fact that you did some research before the move. A discount for you is a new customer for them.

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You have the right to ask about anything related to your relocation and make a deal

Mention the competition in a smart way

There is nothing wrong in mentioning other companies when you negotiate when your mover. Of course, this should be done politely and discreetly. When you get an offer, you can compare it with other companies offers in terms of additional services. For instance, you can say that the previous company included its best moving insurance in the price. Or maybe you got a free delivery of your items in another one. This will signal to your mover that there is a competition they should beat.

This way, you may get some high-quality services for free, or your mover will lower the price if possible. As there are a plethora of moving companies on the market, your mover will try to gain your trust and make an exception in order to keep you. On the other hand, they might explain why their services are more expensive than others. In that case, you should appreciate their effort and be as polite as possible. Being a rude customer will not take you anywhere.

Last but not least, plan ahead

This can be a smart trick if you want to indirectly negotiate with your mover. Planning things will give you and your moving company more time to make an agreement. You may meet with them several times before the move, or do more research. Moreover, you will have extra time to pack and sort your belongings, which will make your mover more willing to work with you at a reasonable price. Planning will not only make your relocation more stress-free, but you will also have more time to think it through with your mover. Last minute moving will not give you enough time to negotiate. That means that you have no choice but to accept the conditions and offers.

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Careful planning will give you more time to negotiate, as well as relocate easily

Final words

Moving can be hard, and so is choosing the right moving company. When you book a mover, this doesn’t mean that you should accept their offer right away. If you don’t know how to negotiate with a moving company, you should follow the tips in this article. Planning and talking about the competition in a smart way are good ways of negotiation. Moreover, asking about additional offers and using only necessary services are other ways to make your relocation easier. There are many ways you can negotiate with your moving company. It is important that you abide by what you say. If you have never done this before, don’t worry! It is not as hard as you think. You just need to be willing to try.

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