How to move a fish tank cross-country?

Moving from one place to another is a normal process. But moving with a pet is something different. Especially when we talk about fish. To be able to move a fish tank cross-country, you must be well prepared. Of course, you shouldn’t even think about relocating such a thing on your own. Instead, you must hire professionals and follow their Master Moving Guide. Not only it will be cheaper, but better as well. Fish tanks, and fish in general are something very fragile to deal with. Just one small mistake and you can break the entire tank. Which you probably don’t want to happen. Well, to make sure and avoid all of that, explore all of your options while you are still on time.

When you want to move a fish tank cross-country, it is important that you hire professionals

Relocation is complicated enough as it already is. Adding a need to move a fish tank cross-country will only add more difficulties to it. Daring to do this on your own would be definitely a wrong move. Especially when you have a variety of long distance movers to hire. Those are the professionals we are talking about. They are all well educated, and far more experienced than you are. After all, they relocate people for a living. So you shouldn’t doubt them. On the other hand, if you really decide to do it on your own, not only there is a huge possibility of breaking your tank, and hurting your fish, but it will also be much more expensive. Just hiring a moving truck will cost you a lot. And yes, you will need one. Think about your options again.

Everything is showing you that you need to follow an ultimate moving guide. And the first thing each guide says is that you need professional movers for every relocation. You should start looking for them the first moment you realize that you want to relocate. Of course, after you set up your moving budget, so you know which kind of moving services you will be able to use. Everything depends on that. According to this fact, you plan everything else. Either way, you should find your movers first, so you can organize everything else. You can ask your friends, relatives, or any people that you know for a recommendation. This is for sure, the best option. But sometimes, you will still have to dig deeper. Just be careful that the moving company you will hire is properly licensed and that they offer insurance. Especially for relocation like this one.

Fish in a fish tank.
Make sure that you know how to move a fish tank cross-country, and that you are prepared.

Make sure that you have all the needed supplies, in addition, to preparing your tank for a relocation

You are most likely well aware of the fact that you can’t just take your fish tank place it in a truck, and have it in a different location. It is a little bit more complicated than that. You will have to get proper supplies, in addition, to preparing your tank for a relocation. And don’t forget that you need to keep your fish alive and safe. So you will have a bit of obligation to do. It doesn’t matter if you are relocating to one of the best cities for millennials in the US, or just across the street, the procedure is the same. Your tank needs to be completely empty if you want to relocate it safely. You can’t leave anything inside. Especially not water and fish.

To be able to remove your fish, or other plants and live coral, you will need a fishnet. So this is one of the most important supplies that you will have to buy. Another thing that is very important, is that you get five-gallon buckets and plastic bags. That will be for your plants and fish. You can use plastic bags for some smaller plants. But those buckets are a better option. Especially since this is a cross-country relocation. Using a siphon hose will help you out in transferring water from the tank to those buckets. Definitely consider getting a tape so you can secure lids for the move. And maybe even some plastic boxes where you can place some equipment, decorations, and the fish tank itself. Add all necessary things to your moving checklist, and get the supplies.

People removing fish from the tank.
Remember first to remove the fish, then the rest of the things.

To move a fish-tank cross country, you must prepare your tank and fish first

Now that you have all the supplies that you need, it is time that you do the preparing. First, what you want to do, is to turn off and remove filters and equipment that are in your tank. Also, remove any additional equipment such as pumps, fans, heaters, and other things. Of course, you should remove your decorations as well. Also, you must prepare your fish. It is stressful for them to relocate, not only for humans. You should stop feeding them at least 24 hours before the move. And you should feed them again by their schedule when the tank is set up again.

Minimize the time your fish needs to spend in those buckets or containers. So wait for the last moment to place them in there. However, make sure that you remove first the fish, and then the other things. When you place your fish into those buckets, it is time to transfer the water with a siphon hose.

When you empty everything and finish with transferring, it is time to pack your fish tank

Since fish tanks are made out of glass, they are extremely fragile. This means that you will have to pack them properly and secure them. One wrong move can damage your entire tank. So you must be very careful when you are dealing with this. After your tank is empty, you must clean it thoroughly and dry it completely. Firstly, you can pack the lid. Wrap it in a bubble wrap and put it aside for now.

You will need a foam board, which you will place at the bottom of your tank. And the rest of the tank, you should fill with the packing paper. Use two layers of bubble wrap for the entire tank. And place it in a cardboard box. You can also add styrofoam balls to that box for extra security. Place the lid in a different box that is a similar size.

Person holding a bag with a fish and water.
Placing your fish in a plastic bag is only good for a short relocation, not a cross-country one.

Since your fish will be stressed out, buy new decorations

When you move a fish tank cross-country, you are not the only one that is stressed out. The stress is also affecting your fish. And since they can’t speak or understand what is going on, the best thing you can do to reduce the stress is to decorate their tank with new things. Buy new decorations, or style their tank in a better way. The choice is yours.

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