How to motivate people to review your business online

When you own a business you should know that online customers’ reviews are very influential. According to Zendesk, 88% have been influenced in making a buying decision by an online customer service review. Also, 95% share bad experiences and 87% share the good ones. So, when you own a moving company or any kind of company, customers will be, and they always are, the most important aspect of your company. Don’t be worried if you get a couple of negative reviews. Best way to fight negative reviews is to motivate people to review your business, especially your happy clients. Their loyalty will help your company to thrive. Let’s look at some of the ways you can do that.

Use social media to motivate people to review your business

Presence on the internet is of crucial importance for your business. For example, it tells a potential client that you are running or trying to run a reputable and reliable company. It also tells them that you want to create and keep your customer’s loyalty. The easer it is to find you on the internet, the easier will be for the customer to leave their review. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn will do just that. Why is this important? A large portion of people think that they don’t have time to leave a review. We are living in a fast-paced world so leaving a review must be easy. The best way to do this is by integrating a five-star rating system or even get some creative emojis. Also, reply to your customer reviews. Improving customer satisfaction is another good way to motivate people to review your business.

Use social media to motivate people to review your business
Use social media to motivate people to review your business.

Ask your customer’s to leave a review

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. And if you are not ready to hear some critics on your part you won’t know if there is a problem or not. Try to conduct regular surveys for your clients. Freely ask them what they like about your business and what they do not like. Maybe, if you are interested in someone’s opinion, you can ask how to improve some part of your business. The easiest way to motivate people to review your business is by sending your customer’s a survey with grades from 1 to 5. You should leave a space for leaving a commentary so they can give you a reason for that grade. Work on any problem they point out and they will see that you care. If they point out that you have the best moving insurance then don’t change policy on that part of your business.

Motivate people to review your business by offering some incentive

Do not pay people off to leave a review. It’s ethically wrong and it will also have negative implications on your business in the future. There are a lot of incentives that will work just as well as money. Giving some discounts for their honest opinion is a good way to motivate people to review your business. Or you can give randomly picked participants bigger prizes or gifts, all of whom have gained entry to the contest by having left a review.

However, you should remember to treat each customer the same. Thank them for choosing your company over those of the competition. And try your best to help them. Many companies forget to get back to their clients on any question they might have. If they, for example, have an urgent question about service that will impact their moving budget you should answer them quickly. This will impact your business in a positive way.

Motivate people to review your business by offering some incentive.

Don’t hide negative reviews

Believe it or not, negative reviews are good for business too. Trustworthy reviews have a bigger influence on an online purchase than family and friends do. Nothing in this world is perfect and everybody knows it. If your business has too many positive reviews it will seem like a fake. Instead, motivate people to review your business honestly because every customer wants to make an informed decision about buying some product or service. And they want to know what the worst-case scenario is. They want to know what can go wrong and see how much it will matter to them. If they see there are no negative reviews then they will immediately suspect that you have hidden them. That would cause them to lose their trust in you. Negative reviews are there to show everybody that you are honest and transparent, and those are the traits that people respect.

Bad review
Don’t hide bad reviews.

Be grateful and thank your reviewers

When someone does something nice or good for you, you ought to thank them. If someone was nice enough to take their time to leave a review then you should do the same. Making reviews a part of your work process is a great way to see if you will have an increase in customer’s reviews. It will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your day to scan for new reviews. So send a couple of sentences as a reply to the person who left them. Here are a couple of ways that you can use to motivate people to review your business:

  • Set up profiles on multiple review sites
  • Ask your customers to leave a review
  • Make it easy for them to leave a review
  • Incent reviews
  • Thank your reviewers

Don’t forget; always be on top of your game and you will be rewarded.

Motivate people to review your business done right

Most importantly, having a business is stressful but also it is rewarding. If you love what you do and you are passionate about it, you will succeed. Part of the business is keeping your customers happy. Keeping them happy isn’t difficult though. You just need to hear what they have to say. Therefore, an important task of your business is trying to motivate people to review your business. The key is to hear what they have to say and to also make them stay as truthfully as they can. Positive reviews and negative will both help you thrive. This will help you revise your business, and improve it. It will help you stay in touch with your customers and make them loyal to you. Do all this and you are well on your way to success.

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