How to motivate moving company employees

The basis of any successful business are motivated employees and you can’t tell us otherwise. When people are motivated, they feel the urge to do their best and demonstrate their skills which results in increased work productivity. With the goal of all moving and storage companies being to get their business to function at its maximum capacity, it’s very obvious that as an owner or a manager, you need to do your part to keep your employees happy. But to motivate moving company employees can sometimes turn out to be a difficult task. Anyone who’s ever managed any business will tell you the same thing. Not to worry, though – there are some techniques you can utilize.

You’ll best motivate moving company employees by knowing them individually

Every person is different, and every person responds to different things. That’s why one of your employees could be motivated by a pay raise, while others could prefer some words of encouragement. And whether you are in charge of a team of local or international movers doesn’t matter – what matters is that you know every person in your team so that you can adjust your treatment of them.

Team building as a way to motivate moving companies employees.
Team building is something that’s both beneficial and fun!

Have a casual one-on-one talk with every person in your team. Don’t try to be pushy and certainly don’t try to have a bossy attitude. The goal here is for you to approach your employees in a friendly manner and try to learn as much as you can about their hobbies and interests. We here at Master Moving Guide always try to cultivate the best relations with our employees – how about you?

Work on getting your team to bond – only during work hours

When there is great teamwork present, there’s also a lot of success and motivation. The best part is that team bonding is not a chore and it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to come up with a great activity! As a leader, you can simply take your team to lunch, or bring cookies to your next meeting. But remember that team building is something you should indulge in during work hours only. If you try to enforce team bonding after work, it might feel like a chore rather than satisfaction.

Once you achieve great teamwork, you’ll get much more than mere motivation from your employees. You’ll improve customer satisfaction because they will also be able to see a team that works in unison. And those teams are always winning ones!

Give praise where praise is due

When have you ever heard of an employee who doesn’t like to be praised for a job well done? Let us make it very clear – nobody likes a leader who is always hard on his or her employees. It’s okay to let your employees know when a job could have been done in a better way, but it’s not okay to forget that compliments and praise exist. Your employees not only expect it – they deserve it!

High-five between different people.
Are you satisfied with the way your employees have been working lately? What’s stopping you from saying it?

If you are running a team of eviction movers and you see them handle their clients with patience and respect, make sure you mention you notice their hard work. In case you are in charge of commercial movers and you see how fast and efficient they are, make it your task to congratulate them. Sometimes, that’s the only thing that’s needed to motivate moving company employees. That and your good example, of course.

If you want to motivate moving company employees, you have to be motivated yourself

Far too often we hear about managers and CEOs who are expecting one thing from their employees but are acting in a completely different manner. Our question is: is this the type of a leader you want to be? The best leaders are often the ones who provide a good example. If you are trying to motivate your employees, why not show up motivated and enthusiastic yourself? Whether you are in charge of a team of military movers or long-distance ones, why not try to provide assistance on a moving day if possible? We can promise you that your employees will appreciate nothing more than you being hands-on with the work that’s ahead.

Will a pay raise work?

That really depends on the company and its employees. Obviously, no one will mind the extra cash pouring into their pockets, but a pay raise alone won’t be enough to motivate moving company workers. Or any workers for that matter. You stand the best chance of success if you combine a pay raise with the other methods in our article. After all, money can only get you so far. Sometimes, people prefer working in a place that appreciates their hard work and everything they do for the company’s wellbeing.

A close up of a dollar bill.
Money does work wonders, but only up to a certain point.

Give your employees some space

This is not the same space as you give people in personal relationships. What we mean by giving your employees some space is that you shouldn’t be breathing down their necks all the time. No one likes being controlled during the entire workday, and you can rest assured your employees won’t be an exception. It’s okay to show interest in their work and let them know that your help is always available but you should always let them carry their own weight. If they make a mistake, you’ll be there to act accordingly. But don’t assume the worst from the start.

Have you learned some useful techniques about how to motivate moving company employees? We hope that every tip we disclosed today will serve you good and that it will help you reach new heights in your business. They are simple to integrate and bring about great results. That’s why improved productivity, bigger customer base, and higher earnings are just a few steps ahead. Go and get them!

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