How to manage your car insurance during a move

Dozens of millions of Americans move every year. People who are moving have an equal number of tasks and worries on their minds. Making an inventory, buying packing supplies, packing their boxes, figuring out how to transport their belongings to a new address, and many more activities. On top of all, a lot of other concerns can come to your mind in the moving process. One of those frequently asked questions is how to manage your car insurance during a move. With an adequate moving guide, you will be ready to deal with this issue in no time. Master Moving Guide will teach you some useful tips and tricks.

How to manage your car insurance during a move?

Having insurance is a guarantee your car will be protected, but it can get complicated when you decide to move. Driving without insurance is illegal in all states, so this matter is definitely not something you should ignore or postpone. Almost every ultimate moving guide you follow will include tips on how to handle your car insurance. Make sure to adhere to all the instructions you can find. This is especially important if you are changing states. Some of the most important things to be aware of are as follows:

  • update your insurance every time you move
  • change your insurance policy if you move to a different state
  • moving affects your car insurance rates
  • pay attention to the details
  • update other documents – driver’s license, registration, and license plates
a person driving a car
Make sure you find out how to manage your car insurance during a move

Update insurance every time you move

No matter how close to your old address you are moving, you need to contact your car insurance provider and let them know of the address change. The same drill of address updates goes for other services such as utility bills and your personal documents. Also, bear in mind that moving affects your insurance rate. The rates vary among ZIP codes as crime rates are different from one area to another, as well as the frequency of car accidents. These two factors, among many others, are taken into account by insurance companies when they calculate your rate.

That is why it is recommendable to check with several insurance companies and acquire insurance estimates. Check which offer would be the most affordable to you and take up that insurance policy.

Change car insurance policy when moving to a different state

When you are changing states, it is of utmost importance to change your car insurance policy. Bear in mind that you have a limited amount of time to do this, depending on the state. Before completing the relocation process you should do research on your new state laws regarding car insurance, as laws vary from state to state. Check if your current insurance company is entitled to issue new insurance in another state. In case it isn’t, remember you need to take a policy from a brand new insurance company that operates in the state you are moving to.

After you move to a new state you have one to three months to register your vehicle and obtain a new insurance policy. With this in mind, try to organize your time according to these requirements and give yourself enough time to compare rates from various companies.

instruction on how to manage your car insurance during a move
Changing your car insurance policy is mandatory when moving to a different state

In case your current insurance provider had the best rates at your old address, it doesn’t mean it will offer the same level of affordability at your new address. That is why it is important to check out as many offers as you can before you find the most suitable one. If you are moving your business and own a company car, the same rules and regulations apply.

Pay attention to the details

Apart from obtaining a new car insurance policy, have in mind that you need to cancel the old one. Before proceeding with the cancellation, check if there will be any cancellation fees. These fees might be applied by some companies for early cancellation.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that there are no gaps between the termination date of your old policy and the start date of the new one. Not having coverage is illegal in all states, and you should make sure your new policy starts on the same day the old one expires.

When looking for favorable quotes for your new insurance, make sure to do your research well. Some companies offer discounts to teachers or military members, so if you belong to these professions why not take advantage of the perks available? Also, if you are looking to buy insurance for your new property some insurance companies might give you a discount on both property and car insurance if you are taking both.

After arranging important things like buying new car insurance, you will have enough time to think about other moving-related matters, such as how much to tip movers.

a collection of license plates
Update your license plates when moving to another state

Update other documents

Apart from updating your contact details with the post office, and informing your clients of an address change, there is a bit more paperwork to take care of if you want to manage your car insurance during a move properly. For detailed instructions on updating your documents contact the local DMV.  Apart from managing your car insurance during a move, you should deal with other documentation as well. Update your driver’s license to a new state. Some states may require you to take additional driving-related tests. Apart from this, transferring your driver’s license is an easy process. Car registration, along with a car insurance update is the next step. After registering your car, the DMV will issue you new license plates, which you need to attach to your car and get rid of old ones.

Managing your car insurance during a move takes a bit of time, but if you obtain enough information and give yourself enough time to deal with it, the process is very easy. With useful guidelines from relevant parties, you will be able to complete every relocation task in no time.

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