How to make your services more exclusive

The moving industry is anything but small. With literary millions of Americans relocating locally and inter-state each year, there is definitely a lot of demand for professionals ready to take on the challenges of relocation. This is good news for both the clients that want the move and for you, the business owner, who wants to provide them with the best service possible at the lowest rates acceptable. However, there is also a downside. Having such a big market also means that your company will have a lot of competition. And having low rates can only get you so far before it gets you to bankruptcy. This business is not about racing to the bottom, it is about standing out and providing something no other mover can. Let’s talk about how you can make your services more exclusive!

Make your services more exclusive with a good online presence

In the days before the internet, you could not exactly get all the promotions and access to the clients you have to know. For the people that needed to move, it wasn’t so much the question of how many movers do you need, but more of what movers can I get. The word of mouth was king. And the best way to make an ad is to buy a place in the news or on billboards. However, all of that change with the digital revolution that provided you with the chance to reach out to the people that need relocations.


Make your services more exclusive - laptop, wallet and a coffie
How do you make yourself presentable online?

That being said, there is now another problem. With selection so easy, you need to have the best presence online possible. In other words, you have to have the best website with the most attractive offers to make your services exclusive to potential clients.

How to make your website the best one possible

Here are some of the things you need to get right when making a website for your company:

  • Make your credentials easily recognizable -You run a licensed company. Sure, that does not sound like something that would make your services more exclusive. It is practically a default these days. However, you are aware that there several scams that are acting as moving companies. The potential users of your services are wary of them and, therefore, first, try to confirm that any moving company is a legitimate business. Make sure that they know that you are as soon as they open your website.
  • List of services should be accessible with ease – You should list your services as clearly as possible. Make sure that they are all well-understood.
  • Make a story that sticks – Write about the history of your company and the way you operate. People will feel a lot more at ease when they know the unique history of the company
  • Modern design – Finally, make the design clear, clutterless, and minimalistic. That way people will know that you are engaged online and professional. That way they will feel comfortable contacting you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Like any company recommended by Master Moving Guide, you want to make sure that you are the first one on the list when someones search for moving services in your area. If you operate in LA, for example, you should be the first one to appear when they search for the LA relocations. That way you are making your services more exclusive by being the first one to attract attention. Nobody looks at the bottom of the search page, and let alone goes to the second one. You need to stick out from the crowd.

The best way to do so is either to learn how to do the young art of SEO or to pay an SEO company to do it for you. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is about targeting keywords and making a website more noticeable on online web searches. Making it on the first page of a Google search is important. Make sure you do that.

Be in good communication with your clients

To make your services more exclusive, you need to be in cooperation with your clients, be it that they are planning for packing for storage, moving to NYC, or figuring out at what time can you park next to their building. Moving is not simple, we all know that, but we are used to it. Clients are not. They require a lot of support in their planning.

Typing on a phone
Staying in contact over crucial questions is quite important

Make sure you stay in contact so that you can help them with anything they could need. Also, be honest about your rates and estimates. Nobody likes surprises, on both sides, so it is best to avoid them. Being straightforward is something that is valued among your clients.

Provide additional and storage services

Try to provide additional and storage services. that is one good way to make sure your services are more exclusive than the competition.  Providing relocations and installations of appliances, for example, or storage services for temporary storage is a good way to stand out and provide exclusive service for potential clients.

Reviews matter

Finally, make sure that you keep your eye out for reviews on Yelp and other reviewing platforms. Reviews matter in today’s world as they are a great way for potential clients to check out your company and make conclusions about your experience and reliability. Make sure that you are aware of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and stay engaged with the discourse of your company.

Checking the happy face
What do the reviews say about you?

In summary

All in all, to make your services more exclusive it is all about online. You need to make a good website that is easily accessible and you need to be able to get all the best online reviews possible. In the digital world of today, being present online is where it is all about. From the phones of users, you will arrive at their home, where you can show just how good your company is when it comes to moving.

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