How to make your moving business trustworthy

There are a lot of moving companies around that offer people assistance. However, among them, you can find a lot of bad and even scamming companies. For that reason, if you want to make your company stand out, it’s a good idea to make your moving business as trustworthy as possible. That can be done by following professional moving guidelines and some of our tips. Here are some things to take into consideration to improve your moving company.

Hard and quality work will always be a good sign of trustworthiness

You can’t find a better way of showing your clients that you’re a trustworthy moving company than doing great work. There’s nothing better that will build up your reputation than this type of approach to your work. By doing so, you will offer your clients the best moving insurance that transcends any other type of moving insurance. On top of that, with hard work and quality services, it’s easier to get the word around. All the research shows that the best form of moving business marketing is still word of mouth. With that type of reputation, it’s not going to be hard to make your moving business trustworthy for your clients.

Movers moving boxes around
Hard-working moving crews will make your moving business more trustworthy

Be transparent with your licenses and insurances to make your moving business trustworthy

The more you try to hide something, the harder it will be for people to trust you. For that reason, it’s better for your moving company to be as transparent as possible. Making sure that you have all your licenses and insurances available to your clients upon their request is crucial. Be it that it’s for long-distance moving or for your fitness equipment movers you need to have appropriate state licenses and at least the FMCSA license. On top of that, having basic insurance will not be enough to be trustworthy. Make sure to have all types of insurances for different types of clients that have diverse needs and wishes. Only by having this strong foundation can you make sure that your clients will look at you as a trustworthy choice of movers.

Make sure your estimates are free and precise

It’s very common that a moving company will give you a free estimate or quote. By doing so they give you the ability to budget for a move and to compare them to other movers you might choose. That’s why it’s always important to make your moving estimate free and precise. Of course, make sure to put as many details in it as possible to make sure that clients know what they can expect from you. Nobody likes having their price changed drastically in comparison to the original estimate. For that reason, make sure to give your customers accurate information about the price and services you’ll include.

A person counting money
Make sure to have your prices and rates available for everyone to see

Fixed rates and prices can help make your moving business trustworthy

Not every moving company will bill their customers in the same way. Of course, there isn’t a strictly bad or good way to do so. However, there are options that fit your client’s budget better. For example, some companies will charge you per hour, but will have a minimum number of hours that a customer will pay even if the movers are done with relocating before that mark. Making sure that your prices and rates are transparent, fixed, and affordable will be a great step to reassuring you’ll be the number one choice for moving people around.

Share your references of prior work

Does your company already have years of experience in the moving industry? Make sure to bank on that opportunity. Above everything else, experience is what makes your moving business trustworthy in the mind of many people who use moving services. And they are not wrong. For that reason, make sure that you show your references and prior work as much as you can. This will give a good idea to your potential customers that they will be working with a reputable and professional moving company.  

Have polite and informative customer support agents

To make your moving business trustworthy you need to provide your clients with help from start to finish. That’s why having experienced and friendly staff can really help you out a lot. Above all, the first impression you make on your potential new client can have a massive impact. For that reason, if you want to have a good reputation and build trust with your clientele you need to have good communication with them from the moment your phone rings. And what better way to do it than having great people working at your customer support desk?

A custoemr support agent smiling
Customer support is crucial for a reputable moving company

Having an online presence will help you make your moving business trustworthy

One of the things that are required for a business in modern times is that you have an online presence. More and more people are searching for their movers via the internet. For that reason, you need to have a great website and be present on third-party websites that grade moving companies. Among them, there’s the Better Business Bureau and many more that people use to find the right moving company for them. Only after you make your moving business trustworthy can you expect to be among the top-rated companies on those types of websites.

Choosing the right moving company is very hard for a client to do. For that reason, if you want to make your moving business trustworthy it’s needed to put in some work. However big or small your moving company might be, there are always ways to make sure you’re among the most reputable and professional companies around. We hope some of our advice will help you not just grow your moving company, but also make it a business a place that people can trust whatever their moving needs might be.

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