How to make friends in a new city: Best apps to make friends

Moving to a new city is exciting. A new part of your life is about to begin! But, if you don’t know anyone in the new city, you might feel intimidated. Meeting new people doesn’t come easy to everyone. There are people who love mingling around and meeting new friends, but there are others who don’t find it as appealing. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to get to know new friends after moving to your new home. Just like anything else, nowadays there are also apps that can help you meet new people after the move. And Master Moving Guide is sharing the best apps to make friends after the move. You’ll be out and about meeting interesting people in no time!

These are the best apps to make friends after the move

Finding friends has never been easier with the technology developing more and more every day. If you’ve just recently moved with some dependable long distance movers, you might be worried about feeling lonely in the new, unfamiliar city. Try one of these apps and make friends with ease:

  • Bumble BFF
  • Wink
  • Meetup
  • Yubo
  • Hey! VINA
  • Nextdoor
a group of friends laughing
Meeting new people will be easy with these fun friendship apps

Bumble BFF

Surely you’ve heard of Bumble, it’s a dating app that every millennial is familiar with. But, for those who aren’t looking for a romantic partner but just to meet new friends, there’s Bumble BFF. It’s a great app if you’ve recently moved to the area and don’t know anyone. Making new friends is a great way of coping with moving stress, and Bumble BFF is here to make it simple. Just put in your bio, interests, and location, and scroll through the app to find potential friends with ease. Unlike the dating app, you can reach out to anyone and make a connection.


Swiping left or right on potential friends, that’s the gist of this Tinder-inspired friendship app. You can meet people of any gender or age on Wink. You’ll only see people you have at least one thing in common with. Whether that’s your interests, hobbies, relocation, or anything else you listed about yourself, you’ll be sure that you have something in common with the person you start chatting with.

a group of people looking for the best apps to make friends
Wink is one of the best apps to make friends after the move

Keep the questions interesting, and make the other person feel involved in the conversation. You can talk about plenty of topics, such as where you grew up, where you go to school or where you work. You can also find valuable answers to many questions about the city you’re moving to, or “how many movers do I need“. Just don’t be afraid to ask. And chatting is enabled in the app by switching straight to Snapchat if you make a connection with someone.


Meetup is another great app to make new friends after the move. It’s great for you if you don’t like swiping left or right on people, and avoid awkward online interactions. This app is designed to help you meet new people by going to organized group events, such as workshops, gatherings of various kinds, or fun group activities you can join even if you don’t know anyone. If you’re more comfortable meeting people in person than through online chatting, you’ll love Meetup.


This app is also known as “Tinder for (girl)friends”. It’s great because you can connect with women or girls in your area. The app is all about female empowerment, it’s made for women by women. This female-only social app will allow you to scroll through and meet new potential friends, along with fun quizzes, informative articles, and creative tips on becoming the best version of yourself. So, not only will you get a chance to find some new girlfriends who can help you get familiar with the city, but you’ll also find amazing tips and tricks to live your best life.


Yubo is an app that’s most popular among teenagers and young millennials. If you’re still under 18, you’ll need parental consent, but the app is generally very safe and great for meeting people if you’ve just moved to a new, unfamiliar city.

a group of friends in a park
Making new friends will be easy with Yubo

You can match with people with similar interests, chat with them and decide if you want to meet anyone in person. There are even catfish-proof live video streams to ensure anyone you’re chatting with on the app is who they say they are.


If you prefer to meet people near you, especially after moving to a big city Nextdoor app is the right choice for you. This app is meant to help you meet the people in your neighborhood. The community is welcoming and warm, so you will feel comfortable. And, settling into your new home will be much easier with the support of friendly neighbors.

Find new companions in no time with these fun apps

Meeting friends has never been easier than in the present moment. With the number of fun, exciting apps that help you meet people wherever you are, feeling lonely is virtually impossible. With some of the best apps to make friends, you’ll be meeting new people and the city with ease. While you’re bound to meet new coworkers or other students in your classes if you’ve moved for school, as well as neighbors, sometimes it’s easier to swipe through an app and find people you have something in common with. Whether you enjoy meeting people in person or via chat, you’ll find plenty of great options!

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