How to maintain your long term storage

Storage can be a good solution to get rid of things that take up a lot of space in your home. People today are opting to rent a storage unit and storage is one of the most popular services people are looking for today. Storage can be used for multiple purposes and is most commonly used during the relocation process, and a large number of moving companies offer storage services to their customers. And people often opt for them, not knowing that long-term storage need to be maintained regularly. That’s why Master Moving Guide has prepared some very useful tips on how to maintain your long term storage. We will explain to you why it’s necessary to maintain your storage, and how to do it without any trouble. Let’s see!

Why do you need to maintain your long term storage?

One of the most important things about storage is that you need to have easy access to your storage units. Because when you have easy access to your belongings, maintenance will also be easy. And easy access is also one of the prerequisites for maintaining your storage unit. And when it comes to maintenance you are probably wondering why it’s important and necessary to do so? First of all, we want to tell you that using storage services is a good solution, but not eternal. Your things can’t stay in storage forever. First of all, it can cost you, and your things can lose quality. And to keep your things healthy, undamaged and in excellent condition, maintenance is one of the main things you need to do regularly.

Storage units
Storage is one of the most modern and popular solutions when you need extra space, and you need to regularly maintain your long term storage.

There is also another very important thing and that is the storage you choose for your things should be spacious, clean, dry, air-conditioned, and safe. So, if you are just planning to rent storage, these are general conditions that every storage unit must meet.

Do it the right way!

When it comes to maintaining storage, it’s very important that you do it the right way, which means not only that you clean the dust from the top. You already need to dedicate yourself to all the things in your storage. One of the most important things in maintaining storage is monitoring the internal temperature. The ideal temperature for storing things is from 19 to 22 degrees. In such conditions, the creation of moisture is impossible. Also, moisture absorbers can be of great benefit to you. Put them in every corner and don’t worry.

Ventilating the storage, checking the packaging, opening the box, and cleaning the dust are the basic storage tips that you should do every time you enter your storage. If there are things that you take from time to time and return to your long-term storage, it’s very important that you return them dry, clean, and properly packed each time.

Big cleaning of long term storage – once a year

Great cleaning means that you will have to free your storage units from all things temporarily until you clean the interior. It will be an ideal opportunity for your things to stay in the daylight and ventilate. Big cleaning involves cleaning the interior, removing dust, reorganizing, and creating a new layout. So, clean the floor, shelves, and walls from dust and cobwebs. Wipe the shelves, and refresh the space. It’s also necessary to clean the large items that you return to your storage unit from dust and return them clean. Because if you put dirty things back in the cleanroom, you don’t get anything.

Boxes in Storage
All your belongings in the storage must be clean and neatly packed.

You should do this cleaning at least once a year. Although more than once to do so is not it wouldn’t hurt. And the only drawback is that this job can be a little difficult and tiring. Because taking out and restoring your belongings in the storage unit can be tedious and difficult. So, seek the help of a friend.

Storage maintenance involves cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are the main part of long-term storage maintenance. Big cleaning should be done once a year, followed by disinfection. You can use disinfectants that will kill all viruses and bacteria, and you can also use pesticides. In storage units, moths are your worst enemy and dust is their ideal environment. Therefore, everything needs to be cleaned and disinfected with special pesticides.

Check the packaging

This is also another very important step when it comes to maintaining your long term storage. Checking the packaging outside will not take much time, but it will help you save your belongings. Torn, damp, and dirty packaging can adversely affect the quality of your belongings. That is why it’s necessary to replace such packaging with a new one. You can get storage packaging for free at local stores, borrow from a friend or use something you already have. But you can also buy the packaging in stores, or on online sites such as

You can use it to pack your things for storage:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Wooden crates
  • Plastic boxes
  • Vacuum bags

Get rid of garbage, unnecessary and spoiled things in your long term storage

Over time, some things lose their purpose, or you replace them with new and more modern things. Things that no longer serve you, are not needed, or are spoiled or broken can only take up space that you can use for other purposes. Like in your home as well as in storage. Therefore, it would be desirable for your big cleaning to include another item. And that is the removal of unnecessary things. When you have finished cleaning and you have come to check the packaging or its replacement, sort your things again.

While cleaning the warehouse, it’s advisable to get rid of some unnecessary things.

If you sort your items often, their quantity in the storage will decrease. Which may put you in a situation where you may want to look for smaller vaults. Also, you can always find cheap storage and thus save some money. Sorting is one of the ways how to maintain your long term storage. Therefore, don’t store what you don’t use, but get rid of it, free up space and save.

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