How to load a moving truck efficiently

When the moving day has come, there can be one more problem you are about to face. And that is how to load a moving truck efficiently. This can be really chaotic. Especially when you have zero help and you have no idea what are you doing. That is why maybe hiring professionals is the best solution for you. But, if you have made the decision to do it yourself, there are moving and packing guidelines that you might find helpful when the moving day comes. To build up with patience and energy, start thinking about how many lovely days and years you will be spending in your new home. 

How to load a moving truck efficiently?

There are a few ways to load the truck and get on the road. And there are a few steps you need to take in order to make the moving day go smoothly and get the best moving truck solutions. Here are some of the most important stuff you need to do when the moving day has come.

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Loading a moving truck is not easy

How to get the perfect truck size?

For starts, figure out what kind of truck side you will be needing. This is crucial for not damaging the items. If the truck is too big, the boxes might travel from one side of the truck to another, having a chance of breaking. On the other side, if the truck is too small, you will not have enough room to pack all of your items. And you would be forced to go back and forth multiple times, which will cost you more money. To make sure that you have chosen the right size of the truck, try finding some of the best packers and movers near me and ask for a piece of advice. This way you will have all the information needed to renting and get a truck.

Get some help!

As we said before, do not do this by yourself. You will get injured. And if you do not, you will be tired, stressed and nervous and that is not the feeling you want to have once you enter your new home. So, invite some friends over. Make the best going away party by packing and loading the moving truck. Not just that you will have a good time, but also if you are planning to load a moving truck efficiently with the international movers, this will be one last gathering before the big relocation. Take some pictures together and place them on the wall in your new living room. So that you will always have this day in your mind. 

When you want to load a moving truck efficiently, load the heavy and large items first

By starting with these items, you are preventing the other belongs from getting damaged. So, when it comes to packing the mattress or the chairs and the coffee table, they should be on the bottom of the truck. So that they will not fall on some other box that might contain something valuable. These items should also be placed near the seat of the driver. That means all the way on the back of the truck. If you, however, change your mind and decide to hire professional movers and packers, make sure you ask around how much to tip a mover. Not just that they are doing the best job possible, but they are also taking care of your stuff and that is something that is priceless.

Be careful. Lifting heavy and bulky items can be really hard. It can also lead to moving injuries. You might easily hurt your back. Or something can fall on your feet. So having friends over to help you out is crucial for this task too. The more of your lift the furniture, there are the fewer chances to make some mistakes and get injured.

giving a tip to a mover to load a moving truck efficiently
Ask around how much to tip the movers.


The lightest items come the last

It is logical. You should load the small and the light items the last one. This is important to remember. Those are usually some items that are easy to get damaged. Remember that those items need to be protected. You need to make sure that not even one bump on the road will get it broken. That is why protecting the items made of glass from scratching or breaking needs to be protected with air bubble materials or wrapped in some kind of clothes that will prevent them from breaking. Do not be lazy and make sure that you have done everything that is in your hands to make the relocation goes without any damage.

The last one that goes in the truck is your bag and your essential items. They need to be right on the way for you to reach them at any time. 

Fill the gaps with small items

If you have the right size of the truck, there will be little room between the boxes and the items. And if there are some holes, make sure you place in there something small that can fit in. But those items must be the ones that do not break easily. This is important in order to void boxes and items falling during the move or going from one side of the truck to another. Make sure that those items are not cups r something that can break if you step on the break. It can just be a big jacket. Something that will prevent other stuff from moving.

woman looking if she has loaded the truck in the right way
Make sure that the boxes cannot move inside the truck while relocating.

If you want to load a moving truck efficiently, make sure you have the right help. Help comes in all kinds of shapes. It can be the list of items, the friends who are helping or hiring the movers. Relocation does not have to be full of stress and it does not have to make you nervous. You can have a lot of fun and still relocate like a pro. Good luck!

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