How to keep your pets safe when moving

When you are moving there are some risks and some things that can take the wrong turn. Not only that you can get injured while carrying some huge box, or movers can be late, there are more things to think about. One of those things is moving with pets. This is relevant on so many levels. It is not all about moving itself, but about going through the moving process with knowing all of the issues that you may encounter on in advance so that you can avoid them. So, if you have a pet stay tuned in order to find out how to keep your pets safe when moving.

What to do before moving?

You have to prepare everything before the moving day. This means that in order to keep your pets safe when moving you have to move them away from the place where everything is happening. The best way to protect your pet is to have someone you trust to take care of him. If you have a dog, find a good friend who is a dog lover to take care of him for a couple of days. If you have a cat do the same. Find a cat lover, and you will know that he or she will take good care of your cat.

a kitten with a flower
Research is important in order to move safely

Same goes if you are doing research moving abroad, it doesn’t really matter, because you will still be there while the moving and shipping are happening, and just when everything finishes you can move along with your pet, by your side. When you think about it, it is really simple to keep your pets safe when moving, by just having someone who will take good care of them for a couple of days. It is not some huge philosophy. However, the problem comes when you just cannot find anyone free, or suitable to look after your lovely pet.

Keep your pets safe when moving

If you cannot find anyone to take care of your pets while you are in the process of moving, then you have to find some other solution to keep them away while the moving is happening. This is very similar to when you are moving with kids. You want to them away from the stressful and hectic environment where they can get hurt, or where they can get in the way of a mover who is trying to do his job. This can be dangerous for everyone. That is why you should play it smart and simple to keep them away from the happening. So, here is the solution. Keep your pets safe when moving by having one room, that is already emptied just for them. That room should contain:

These are the things that are a must in the room where you will keep your pet while moving.

They still need attention

You cannot simply put your pet in a room and forget about him. This simply cannot happen no matter what, no matter how busy you get while moving. And you will be very busy. At least one hour a day still needs to be dedicated to your pet. If you have a dog, walking is a must, once in the morning and once in the evening. Also, you ought to check on them every hour to make sure that everything is alright and to clean if they made a mess. Another thing to do is to have the room where you keep them aired, your pet needs the fresh air. If you make sure to follow all of these steps, your pet won’t be completely happy, but he will go through the move safely.

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Do not forget everyday activities

Accidents that can happen

There are so many things that can go wrong if you do not keep your pets safe when moving. Not only to them, but to you or to your movers as well. Imagine the situation where your mover is carrying a huge, heavy box and he trips over your dog. Your movers can get seriously injured, and your pet as well. This is the last thing that you need while you are in the process of moving, that is alone very stressful none the less if something like this happens.

That is why you have to think ahead and avoid all of the accidents and unexpected moving expenses that can happen. So, make sure to have your precious pet somewhere safe, where he will like it. It is extremely important not to leave him alone for a long time. They have feelings and they don’t like to be closed somewhere for a long time, same as people.

Go to a vet

Before you move with your dog, it is extremely important to go and visit the vet. Just for a general checkup. If you are moving it is good to know that your dog will take the trip well, especially if it is a bit further. Also, you will have to change the information on your pet. Change of address and etc. Another important to do a thing is to have your pet traveling with you, not with some strangers. Your dog, cat, or guinea pig, whatever furry friend you have can feel the change, as well as people, do, so have your pet travel by your side. In this way, you will reduce their stress level.

dog at the vet clinic
Make sure you visit a vet before the move

You just have to keep your pets safe when moving. This is not negotiable. There are so many reasons for this, not only the ones we mentioned above. Some of the best cities for families in the US are also pet-friendly. Taking care of your furry friend is important every day, but when you are moving it is important because of their safety. So, take care of your friend, because he will always take care of you.

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