How to hire quality long-distance movers

Every move is difficult. Still, because of the sheer length that needs to be crossed, long-distance relocations are considered especially complicated and risky. That is why, when you are moving long-distance, regardless of whether it is an intrastate or interstate relocation, you need to make sure that you have reliable and experienced movers by your side.  If this is your first time moving and you never had an opportunity to deal with moving professionals (and even if you did) finding appropriate assistance will be nearly difficult as the move itself. In order to help you hire quality long-distance movers, and to make sure that you get through your move as planned, Master Moving Guide prepared this article. Read it and learn how to do it right.

Why do you need to hire quality long-distance movers for your next move?

As we already mentioned at the beginning, every relocation, regardless of the distance that needs to be crossed, is complicated. There are so many things that need to be done and taken care of. And even if you do everything by the book, no one can guarantee that the process will go as planned. When you are moving long-distance, however, in addition to decluttering, packing, sorting out your paperwork, and dealing with utility companies you also need to make sure that your items will survive the long trip ahead. And, the only way to minimize the risks and give yourself a chance to move stress-free is to hire a quality long-distance moving company that has the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to assist you. But how can you determine whether your long-distance movers have all those things we mentioned? Let’s take a look.

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Long-distance relocations are the most difficult types of moves – that is why you need to have proper assistance by your side

Find reliable movers

Reliability is one of the most important traits when it comes to moving companies. Unfortunately, every moving company on the market will advertise themselves as reliable. And we know that cannot be true, right? That is why you need to do some investigation first. Our suggestion is to start by reading moving companies’ reviews. There are many websites on the web where you can read moving reviews. However, not every website is reliable in this regard. Some will allow a lot of fake reviews, so you also need to be careful and make sure that you are reading reviews on a reliable website. Try Better Business Bureau for that matter. Or some similar page that offers this option.

Find movers with experience

Another thing that you need to focus on when searching for movers is experience. We will not say that you do not need to consider young companies that only recently popped up on the market. Especially when you are moving locally. However, when it comes to long-distance relocations, experience is the thing that will get you through some unexpected situations that might happen along the way. Again, the internet will be your friend in this situation. Use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to learn about your moving company’s past. And to see how they have dealt with problems in the past.

Your movers need to be capable of providing long-distance relocation services

We mentioned capabilities as another important thing that you need to think about when searching through long-distance moving companies. And when we talk about capabilities we think about equipment and vehicles. Long-distance movers that want to provide reliable long-distance moving services need to have the proper equipment and suitable vehicles made for crossing large distances.

a long moving truck
The most important thing is to make sure that your movers have appropriate vehicles

Another thing that can be included in movers’ capabilities is packing materials that they use to protect your items. Since the biggest issue in long-distance relocations is keeping items safe during transport, your movers need to utilize high-quality packing materials in order to protect your stuff the right way. Of course, you can always choose to pack your stuff by yourself, even use free moving boxes for that matter. However, if you are hiring your movers to do the packing as well, you need to make sure that they have the capabilities to do it right.

Avoid cheapest movers

Finally, think about their rates. Of course, everyone would like to find cheap movers, especially when moving long distances. However, that might not be the smartest move. Long-distance moves are complicated logistics undertakings. And they cannot be cheap whatsoever. Maybe if you run into some special offer or holiday discount. Then it might be ok to go with eh cheapest offer. In any other situation, avoid the cheapest offers. Especially if they look too good to be true.

Go online and start your search utilizing the newly acquired knowledge

Now that you know all those things, how can you use this knowledge to hire quality long-distance movers? Go online and start your search. Type long-distance movers near me in the search box and start checking moving companies one by one. As we mentioned, check their reliability, experience, and capabilities. Gather a group of five companies that fulfill these criteria and ask for their moving estimates online.  Remember that in order to get precise moving estimates online you need to have a moving inventory list prepared.

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Gather a few candidates, compare their offers, and hire quality long-distance movers

If you don’t, you will not be able to get precise estimates or you will need to get at-home estimates that will take a lot of your time. Either way, once you gather their quotes, compare them and pick the best one. Of course, be careful and make sure that moving companies that you consider hiring do not have some hidden fees that can pop up later during a move. And whether they offer binding moving estimates that guarantee that the price of your move cannot change during or after the move.

Follow our guide and you will surely hire quality long distance movers

As you can see, it is not an easy task to hire quality long-distance movers. However, it is a necessary thing in order to ensure that your move goes well.  If you follow this guide, the process should be much easier nonetheless.

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