How to handle moving into a smaller home?

There are many reasons why you might be moving to a smaller home. Maybe you are moving from the suburbs to the city. Maybe you are leaving the family home to start out on your own. Even splitting off from your roommates to start a life on your own. Whatever the reason, there are certain things you will need to keep in mind when moving into a smaller home. With the change in space, the way you live your life will change. However, as you will see below, that can be a really good thing. So read on to find out how to handle moving into a smaller home.

Preparing psychologically for moving into a smaller home

As we mentioned above, moving into a smaller living space will have an impact on your life. You might have to give up on some items and activities you were used to. That’s why it is important to keep the idea behind moving into a smaller home clear and to keep positive about it. For example, you might be used to a large, suburban family home. Now you are moving out to live on your own. Yes, space will decrease, however you will find incredible new liberties! Having a little piece of the world all of your own will feel great! However, the move can bring with it moving stress. This, in turn, could impact the way you feel about moving to a smaller space.

A person sitting on a window.
Moving into a smaller home may seem restricting at first but soon you will discover it’s many benefits!

You might feel constrained and a bit depressed. However, even if all that moving stress got you down, it is very important to stay positive! Keep in mind why you moved to a smaller home. Even if some unfortunate event forced you to do so, don’t give in to despair. Use it as a jumping off point to bigger and greater things! No matter how small the new space is, you can still make it feel like home. That feeling alone of having a safe base to retire to at the end of the day will give you the strength to keep on going!

Downsize for moving into a smaller home

Having mentally prepared for moving into a smaller home, you will also want to prepare your belongings. Simply put, you probably won’t be able to keep all of your items with you. Even if you opt for long term storage, you will still have to decide what to do with the items that you simply can’t fit into your new home. So, let’s talk about that.

What are your priorities?

To plan out your life when moving into a smaller home, you should ask yourself, what are your priorities. What are the daily rituals you need to make your new place really feel like home? Obviously, there are some limitations. For example, if you are moving from the suburbs to the city, you shouldn’t count on having a huge backyard and enjoying your nature there. However, there are habits that you can still keep when moving into a smaller home. You just need to plan it right.

Woman writing in a planner
With careful planning, you will be able to make the most out of your smaller home

Maybe you don’t spend as much time watching TV as you do on your PC. In that case, you can even avoid getting a TV altogether and save on space, while still keeping your entertainment. As you can see if you take a good look at your needs and decide what you absolutely need to feel like you’re home. Sacrifice other, lesser, comforts for the things you enjoy the most.


Another way to get the most out of a smaller home is to be careful about what you bring along. Every move is a great opportunity to de-clutter, and the same goes for moving into a smaller home! While packing, maintain a realistic approach. Keep in mind the size of your new home and what can actually fit in it. Keep the items that you use the most and get rid of the stuff you almost never use. Sell, recycle, or donate these to both save time on packing and save space one you’re done moving into a smaller home!

What to do with excess items that you need but can’t fit into your new home?

While de-cluttering is a fantastic way to save up space and time, when moving into a smaller home you might face the issue of having certain items that you still need, but can’t fit into your new home. This is where moving and storage companies come in. You can simply choose a good storage company and have them keep your belongings until you figure out what to do with them. This is an especially good option if you’re moving into a smaller home as a stage to moving into a different, larger home. In that case, you can have most of your non-essential items well-taken care off, while you complete your move!


Finally, even if you are moving into a smaller home, there are many reasons to be happy. Apart from the previously mentioned possibility that you are doing so to start your own life, there are a few pros to moving into a smaller home. First of all, you will spend so much less time cleaning and tidying up. With the smaller space, the surfaces you will need to clean will in-turn be smaller, resulting in more free time. Secondly, your bills will be proportionally smaller. This will mean having more money to spend on things you enjoy!

A happy woman. Moving into a smaller home will come with a lot of reasons to rejoice!
More free time and more money, what is there not to be happy about?

Moving into a smaller home as a life-change

Reading through this article you probably have figured out that moving into a smaller home is in a sense a life change. If you go about it smart, you will find that this change, no matter the cause can easily become a change for the better! So, keep your spirits up and prepare, because your little corner of paradise is waiting!

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