How to find the best moving rates

Almost everyone got to the point of their lives when they had to move to another city or state. Therefore, most of us know how difficult and stressful moving process can be. We have to organize everything in advance, sort out or budget, make checklists but also find the best moving rates. Searching for a good mover isn’t easy but it’s definitely possible. However, there are some people who have never moved before and don’t know how to choose the mover and avoid a moving scam. Therefore, today we will talk about how to find the best moving rates!

How to find the best moving rates

Searching for a good mover will take some time, but it will be difficult and stressful if you are trying to find last minute movers. Most of the people already went through the moving process at least one time in their lives. However, in order to find the best moving rates, you will have to start searching in advance, which means at least two months before the move. For those who are facing the moving process for the first time, it is highly recommended to follow this guild because it will help a lot. So, let’s see now how to find the best moving rates!

  • Professional Moving Company
  • How to find Good Mover?

Professional Moving Company

If you are making a long-distance move and you have plenty of items that require special care while packing and transporting, you will definitely need professional movers to help. Professional moving companies are reputable, reliable and the most important one, affordable. A professional mover will pack, transport and unpack your belongings safely and fast. If movers do a good job you might want to give them a tip. How much to tip movers is up to you.

But, before we start talking about how to find the best moving rates, let us tell you what are the characteristics of a good mover.

  • They are professionals with years of experience in the moving industry.
  • Have an excellent reputation among its customers.
  • Offer moving services that fit your budget and needs.
  • They will come and examine your home before the move.
  • They will offer affordable rates.
  • A mover will explain a moving process in detail and answer to all of your questions about the move.
  • The professional moving company has well-trained staff
  • The professional mover has the all necessary equipment and packing supplies for the move.
How to know that your mover has the best moving rates? They have plenty of moving services!
Some moving services that professional mover provides are packing and unpacking, a wide pool of moving trucks, insurance, storage solutions etc.


How to find Good Mover?

Now that you know what are the characteristics of a good mover, let’s get to what you should know in order to find the best moving rates. No matter if you are planning the move or you have to pack your home in a day, a good moving company is always recommended. Whether you are moving for the first time or you’ve already experienced a moving process, these are the things you should know.

  • Ask friends and family for a recommendation.
  • Ask for Price estimation and home survey in advance.
  • Read moving reviews and compare moving quotes.
  • Check movers reputation.
  • Ask movers hard questions.
  • Price reduction.

Ask Friends and Family for a Recommendation

The best recommendation usually comes from people that you trust. Therefore, ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members if they know some good and reliable mover that they already have experience with. This is one of the most important steps because it will save you a lot of time and help you cope with moving stress.

Ask for Price Estimation and Home Survey in advance

If you can’t find anyone who would recommend some good mover, better get to work and start searching for one. First of all, ask movers to calculate the costs of your move and compare. If you do this, you will find an affordable mover that suits your needs.

Also, every professional mover will send a team of one worker to inspect your home before the move. They will measure and calculate everything before the move. When the day for the move comes, they will know exactly what to do so packing and relocating will be smooth and quick.

Money, notebook and a pencil.
Every professional mover will calculate the costs of your move in advance.

Read Moving Reviews and compare Moving Quotes

If you don’t know much about movers you should visit their website. Check the reviews and rates from the other customers and that will give you a pretty clear picture which mover to choose!

Be ready to thoroughly compare moving quotes that you have received from best moving companies. These prices will affect your decision about which company to choose. But, pay attention to those who are offering uncharacteristically lower prices for their services comparing to the other companies.
In addition, you should know that every professional moving company has special services that cost extra!

Check Movers Reputation

While you are doing research through the internet, check on your movers’ reputation. Type American moving and storage companies and you will, most likely, get plenty of information about moving companies. You can also check Business Bureau where you can see if some of the moving companies have complaints lodged against them.

Two women and a male. Business meeting, Handshake.
Visit your movers’ web page and check reviews and ratings they got from their customers.

Ask Movers Hard Questions

If you have a few movers that fit your need and budget and you can’t decide which one to choose, call them and ask them whatever comes on your mind about the moving process or services. This may help you decide easier which moving company you would love to work with.

Price Reduction

“The best” moving company can mean different things in different situations. In this particular case, when you are moving to the other location, the best one is the one who can, except for the plenty of moving services, also offer discounts. Good moving companies will offer discounts to keep their reputation and to keep you as a customer.

These were tips on how to find the best moving rates! You will find a good moving company if you follow these steps. However, you should also trust your instincts in order to pick a good moving company that suits you! Have a good move and a wonderful life!

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