How to find reusable packing supplies

Do you plan to move in the near future? Are you on the lookout for all the materials and equipment that you’ll inevitably need? Then make sure to learn some great tips and tricks from us on how to find reusable packing supplies. Above all, we at Master Moving Guide are experts that can always show you some great advice. Here are just some of the things that can help you out in your quest and that you haven’t even thought about.   

Ask your friends and family if they have some spare reusable packing supplies

When in need, why not call the ones closest to you? Your friends, family members, and colleagues. And who knows, maybe some of them had a recent relocation and have spare reusable packing supplies. It’s one of the fastest things that you can do and that won’t take any of your resources and time. It’s probably one of the first things that you do when self-moving as it doesn’t require you to get in touch with professionals at all. It will make the whole process much easier and create a smooth and efficient relocation from start to finish. So don’t be shy and pick up your phone and ask people you know if they have reusable packing materials.

A girl sitting surrounded by moving boxes
Don’t forget to ask your friends for help

Check out the markets in your local area if they have some cardboard boxes and similar things available

The next best thing that you can do is to look around your neighborhood. If you have some big markets in the area this will mean you’ve hit the jackpot. Of course, you always need to be polite about asking for boxes and other materials. However, it’s not like you’re hiring international movers and you need to be detailed and precise. Make sure to come at a time when the store isn’t full of people. Come to one of the managers and ask them if they have cardboard boxes to spare or other materials that you can use for packing. Above all, 9 out of 10 times you will get more than you need. 

Certain restaurants can have some reusable packing supplies too

Another way to find some materials that you will need for moving is to check out the restaurants in your area. They get deliveries all the time and it will be almost sure that they have some spare boxes at least to help you with your move. However, you will need to move fast as they recycle or throw them away pretty fast as they are constantly using the products in the industry. However, don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself some much-needed supplies that will ease your moving experience.

Take a walk and someone might leave some beside a garbage can

A lot of people just leave their stuff by the garbage can. So why not profit out of it? Just go for a walk in an area around your home and watch out if anyone has left some cardboard boxes or other materials that you can use for packing. Especially if the weather is great you can always use a good walk. On top of that, you can even find some materials that can help you with your move. Don’t be shy and pick some of the stuff. There are people who deliberately put those materials besides garbage cans or disposals in case other people need them.

A woman playing with packing peanuts
Who knows? Maybe you’ll find reusable packing supplies walking down the street

You can find them unexpectedly in your garage and home

Have you ever put something around your home and just completely forgotten about it? Well, it happens to us a lot of times. So before you start contacting everyone and going around the block, maybe you should check your space. People think about a lot of things, how to hire interstate movers without getting scammed, what moving company to hire, and much more. In those moments we just leave stuff around and leave it for who knows how much time. So don’t hesitate and look around your home, basement, or garage to find some reusable packing supplies.

Will some moving companies be willing to spare a couple of supplies?

Of course, any moving company will have a ton of supplies that can help you pack and move. However, the question is if they will give it to you. Certainly, if you hire a professional moving company they will offer you almost all the packing supplies that you will need. However, on rare occasions, some of the companies will give you their excess packing supplies. Our number one advice will be to hire a moving company and you will get more than enough supplies that you can end up reusing anyway. And on top of that, it will make your relocation process much easier.

You can search online for reusable packing supplies

Why not use the online tools available to you in order to find what you need? That’s why a lot of social media and online markets are for these days. A lot of people are selling, buying, or even giving away free stuff. For that reason make sure to find free boxes online or other materials that you can use as packing supplies. This will speed up your packing and moving process, and you won’t have to use any of your resources to find what you need. This will be a pretty easy way to find what you need so make sure to check online first before you do anything else.

A table with an open laptop on it
Make sure to use online tools to find what you need

In order to have a successful relocation, you need to have all the items and materials to make it happen. That’s why it’s best to use our advice on how to reusable packing supplies. There are options for anyone. For that reason, don’t waste your time and start searching. This will make the overall process of moving so much easier. Above all, even professionals start their relocation by gathering all the supplies. Good luck with your move and we hope we were helpful with our advice.

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