How to find reliable same day movers

Having reliable movers by your side is one of the most important things during a move. However, finding reliable movers is a tiring and time-consuming task that you need to do at least a few weeks before your moving date. But what to do if you have to move suddenly, and you do not have enough time to do a proper search or your scheduled movers cancel at the last minute? How to find reliable same day movers? First, do not panic. Second, open your Master Moving Guide and you will find out how to find a reliable moving company that will be available on your moving day.

There are many fraudulent movers so you need to be careful

Finding a reliable moving company is a tricky business. Many fraudulent and unreliable movers on the market are just waiting to take your money. To avoid them you will need to do a lot of research and pay attention to small details. Luckily, the whole work can be done in an hour or so. So it is possible to find reliable movers even on your moving day.

The biggest problem, however, will be to find an available moving company. Therefore, you should concentrate your efforts on finding movers that offer last-minute services. Luckily, there are many such companies.

A man holding his hands on his face panicking
Do not panic. It is possible to find reliable same day movers, you just need to stay calm.

You can easily find same day movers in the winter

Finding reliable movers at the last minute depends a lot on the time of the year. If you are moving during a peak moving season, which is usually during summer months, you will have a lot of trouble to find available movers. If, on the other hand, you are moving off-peak season, you will have a much easier task. Also, hiring reliable movers at the last minute during peak moving season can cost you a lot while hiring the same movers under the same conditions in the winter shouldn’t affect the price. At least not too much.

So if you are searching for reputable same day movers during summer concentrate on finding movers that offer a last-minute service. If you are moving off-season, you do not have to worry about whether they provide such service or not. And you can concentrate on proving their reliability.

Pay attention to available services

Another thing that you need to bear in mind though is what services a moving company provides. If you are moving suddenly and you did not have time to prepare anything then you will have to find movers that offer full moving service. This means providing climate controlled storage, packing materials, packing and unpacking, furniture disassembling and reassembling, junk removal, and more.

If, on the other hand, you are already packed and ready than you probably just need someone to transport your items to your desired destination, in which case you will have a much easier task.

Check whether your movers have a USDOT number before you contact them

Now that you understand what you need to search, let’s take a look at how to identify reliable movers. Of course, your first task is to prove their legitimacy. And you can do that by checking their USDOT number. Every company that owns commercial vehicles that are used for transport between two states needs to have one. Moreover, in most states, a company is obliged to have a USDOT number no matter whether they are operating interstate or not.

Therefore, this is the first thing that you need to pay attention to. A moving company will usually have this number displayed on their website. If not, ask them to provide it to you. Then use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website and check whether they are legit or not. This is the best way to avoid moving scams and to make sure that you will be dealing with a legitimate business.

A truck passing through mountains and pine forest
Every company that is using commercial vehicles for interstate transportation needs to have a USDOT number

Proving your moving company’s reliability

If you find that your desired moving company is a legitimate business, you can concentrate on proving their reliability. And this can be more difficult than proving their legality. Of course, your first step is to find moving-related websites that can provide an insight into a moving company’s modus operandi.

For example, you can use a Better Business Bureau or Verified Movers. They have a large base of moving companies and there you can find a lot of useful information. From how they treat their customers to how they resolve complaints. Those, and similar websites, are one of the crucial steps in finding a reliable moving company and proving their reliability.

Read online reviews to learn about a moving company

Another good thing that you can do to identify reliable and trustworthy movers is to read online reviews. Of course, reading testimonials on your company’s website doesn’t mean much. But if you read reviews on or similar websites you can learn a lot about the company you are considering to hire. Still, even though this is a good way to learn about your company’s habits you need to be careful. Fraudulent moving companies or those with bad reputation figured out how to beat the system by posting fake reviews.

So, take some time to read a lot of them. The chances are that someone with a bad experience posted a review warning others to watch out.  The absence of such reviews doesn’t mean, however, that your movers are reliable professionals. That is why it is important to include other factors in your decision making as well.

An illustration of a man reading reviews
Reading online reviews is one of the best ways to find out about your movers’ reliability

Beware of unreasonably cheap movers

Before you decide to hire a moving company there is one more thing that you can do to find trustworthy last minute movers.  When you are searching for movers, it is important to find at least several moving companies that look valid. Once you find them, ask for their quotes. Luckily, most moving companies have moving calculators on their websites. So getting their estimates shouldn’t take too long.

Once you acquire several quotes, compare them. If you find that a moving company offers an unreasonably low price, you should probably avoid them (unless it is some kind of special offer or discount). Moving is expensive and there is not much room for calculations. If a moving company offers something that looks too good, it is probably a scam.

Do not panic and you will certainly find reliable same day movers

And that is how to find reliable same day movers. As you can see, it is not so complicated, and it couldn’t take too long to check everything. The important thing is not to panic. If you manage to stay calm and pay attention to details we explained you will certainly manage to find a reliable moving company for your last minute move.

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