How to find office space in a new city

Do you want to expand your business to a new city? This opens up new opportunities for your company. A new location means more customers and a new market. For this reason, it would be wise to move your business to a new location with reliable movers. However, moving business is not so simple. You have to find office space in a new city first and here is how. 

Find office space in a new city by starting early 

As soon as you decide to move your office, start searching for potential locations. Look at average rental prices, what is offered on the market, what is currently popular, how you can fit, etc. In addition to this, you need to figure out your preferred location. This is especially important if you are moving to a big city. Pay attention to your new neighborhood, see if it has climate controlled storage nearby, and what about public transport? People should find your new office fairly easy. For this reason, familiarize yourself with the local market. You will find office space in a new city faster if you know the local market.  

people working in office
You should start searching for possible locations early

Get help 

Reading tips on Master Moving Guide is a great way to start your search. However, you should get professional help. This means hiring a real estate agent. If you are not familiar with your new city well, then you will need someone who can point you in the right direction. In addition to this, it is important to visit a new place. Basing your decision just on pictures is not a wise choice. You have to go and see the new office space to see if everything works properly. Landlords only take pictures from nice angles. Therefore, get a day off and go visit several possible places for your new office.  

Find office space in a new city by avoiding scams 

Since you are moving to a new city, you need to protect your money. For this reason, visit websites such as Rate My Landlord or Review My Landlord to see if your new landlord is reliable. In addition to this, consider renting a place for the short term. This way you can see if the new space functions for your business. 

empty office space
Make sure to visit the office space to avoid scams

In conclusion 

To summarize, here are the things to pay attention to when looking for office space in a new city. 

  • Budget – make sure you stay within your budget. 
  • Location – as mentioned, location is extremely important. Pay attention to your neighbors, public transport, accessibility, etc. 
  • Lease term – you should start with short-term lease and then prolong it if you like the location. 
  • Neighbors – but this time in your building. See if your new building is used solely for business purposes or some people actually live there. 
  • Other advantages – some buildings can come with coworking spaces that include free coffee, a bar, office supplies and printing, and so on.  

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