How to execute a move in 24 hours

Sometimes we get some urgent news and offers that we just can’t refuse! Even if it is a good job offer or something similar, we need to be prepared to react to it immediately! This is especially important when we have to move in 24 hours or less! Don’t let panic though, because you can overcome your emergency relocation with proper planning! It is actually pretty simple to organize a last-minute move. Here in this article, Master Moving Guide teaches you everything you need to do a day before moving! So when the move comes, you will be fully prepared for it!

Gather all packing supplies before you move in 24 hours

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning to relocate within 24 hours is not to get all the packing supplies. The thing is, you really need to think very fast about whether or not you have enough packing materials. There are some ways you can get your hands on some of the packing supplies! Simply, visit your local grocery stores where they can give you free boxes. Also, local storage facilities will sell you some of their moving boxes. What you will also need is some wrapping materials, duct tape, labels, and markers. Bigger items will always need special care! And moving those big items requires both space and time. So, leave it to your movers to do that job!

moving boxes
Quickly gather packing supplies

Also, if you are lacking any packing materials, rest assured that your moving company will have some of their own. But, as with every good moving company, they can also help you find free moving boxes on short notice. So, by the time they arrive, you will be packed and ready to move in 24 hours.

Declutter your home

The next step you need to do is to figure out what you are leaving behind and what you are bringing with you! You do not need anything! This is something you need to remember when you are about to move in quickly! In such a rush you can decide to do a couple of things. You can either quickly throw away what you do not need, or run down and give it to some humanitarian organization. There is no time for garage sales where you can get some bonus money! Instead, you will have to decide quickly what you will need for that move.

Have an essentials bag

An essentials bag is maybe the most important item you need to have when you have to relocate in 24 hours. Pack only the essential things! Since you are moving in 24 hours, you should have some basic things such as:

  • New sheets
  • Clothes
  • Medicine
  • Canned food
  • Documents

Those are some of the basic items you need to have in order to settle in the first couple of days. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to move everything within 24 hours. Which is why you can do it again. If your new job requires a quick move, then move with the basics. After that, you can organize that big move to your new home. This is just one of the last-minute moving tips you should know in order to have a successful last-minute move!

essentials bag
Don’t forget your essentials bag

Call the utility companies

Hopefully, you have enough time to call your utility companies and cancel their services! But, you have to have one thing in mind. Some of the services can’t be cancelled within 24 hours. So you will have to probably come back and check with them o that cancellation. But some of the other services like cable, internet, etc do not require some period of time. This is a perfect time for you can cancel them and start the mat at your new location. It is for the best if you know which utility companies to call in the USA and ask them any questions you might have!

Quickly finding movers

When you have to relocate in 24 hours, you won’t have enough time to do thorough research on any moving company. Here is where some of the things might come in handy. When searching for a moving company, these are the main factors that influence whether or not you will hire them:

  • Positive feedback – if people are genuinely happy with their services they will leave positive feedback
  • Experience of their workers – only professionals can provide you with a reliable move
  • A friend’s recommendation – if you have friends who can give you a recommendation then listen to them.

There are a lot of tips for hiring movers when you have to move quickly! You should know more about them because they can help you find the best moving company in the quickest time!

searching for movers
Find movers but try to avoid frauds

Take a break to relax when organizing a move in 24 hours

You will most certainly encounter a lot of stress when you have to relocate in 24 hours! With all the packing, moving, and loading, nobody knows what can go wrong! And, just to avoid that, it is quite important to take a break from time to time! You really do not want any stress-related issues to happen in that period of time. The best thing is to sit and relax for a couple of minutes! Trust us, you won’t lose any time and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. The thing is to know how to avoid stress when moving. Especially when it comes to long-distance relocations in 24 hours.

A move in 24 hours can seem impossible to commit! But luckily, you have our guide to help you with it! After you are done reading our article, you will know just what to do. Remember, don’t push yourself too much and you will be alright! Give us your feedback on this topic! We hope to hear from you soon!

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