How to dismantle a bunk bed for relocation?

Are you planning to move and take all your furniture with you? Then, you must have a lot on your plate. Some pieces of furniture are easy to pack. However, some will only give you a headache. And a bunk bed would be one of them without a doubt. Your children might be very attached to their beds! To the point that they really want to have it in their new room as well. Or you might not have money to buy new beds after moving. So you will find yourself in a situation where you have to move it with the rest of the belongings. Of course, you can always hire good movers, that can help you during the process. But some parents decide to do it themselves. So in order not to lose your sanity, here are some tips on how to dismantle a bunk bed for relocation.

Moving process

Before you start preparing items for the move, you should find a good reliable moving company. They will help you with your relocation since moving can be quite difficult if you want to do it on your own. It is for the best if you let professionals take care of your items. Since you also want to move your whole household, look for furniture movers. Not only will they help you move, but it will take them minutes to dismantle a bunk bed! But when hiring movers make sure you hire good movers and avoid scams. There are many scammer companies on the market.

A woman on a bunk bed
The kids that grew up sharing rooms usually had bunk beds, and many of them got attached to them.

And the best way to avoid being scammed will be to inquire about moving prices as well as other services in more than one company and compare them. Also never sign anything without reading it carefully. There are many tips that will help you find movers online. But you can also always ask people you know moved for recommendations.

Make a plan

Before you start your moving process even if it’s a shot or a long-distance move, there are some things you need to do. And the most important one is to make a plan. You see organization is key to a good move. Of course, on your moving plan, one of the things that will need to be included in the time needed for you to disassemble a bunk bed. You cant start the dismantling only to leave it halfway! Or rush it at the last minute and mess something up. Of course, unless you have some other options for your kids to sleep, you can’t do it at the beginning of packing either. It is best to first finish packing all the small things and the least used furniture before you focus on the beds.

Why you should dismantle a bunk bed

A bunk bed is a quite large and heavy piece of furniture. It is not easy to dismantle it because of its size. It takes a lot of energy and patience for this task since it has so many parts. Some people might prefer to move it in one piece since it appears to be an easier option. However, this is very difficult to manage because a bunk bed cannot pass through most doors. In addition to this, if you try to carry it, you might end up causing a serious injury. For this reason, it is better to take apart a bunk bed thus avoiding any unpleasant situations. Not to mention that if you somehow manage to move it in one piece it will take up a lot of unnecessary space. Space that can be used for other things and furniture. If you look up any packing tips online you will notice the importance of space!

A kid climbing on a bunk bed
Bunk beds are a nice way to save space in kids’ rooms.

Also even if you manage to take it out of your home in one piece and move it to your new home, can you move it in? For example, if you are moving into an apartment and need to use stairs or an elevator the bunk beds will become your worst enemy. Can you carry it all the way upstairs, since the chances of them fitting into an elevator are close to 0? Why make your and your mover’s day a living hell when you can dismantle the bunk beds?

Where to start

It is always difficult to start some task, especially when you are dealing with a huge bed. If you are not confident in your skills, then you can hire professionals for this job. Even if you are dismantling your bunk bed in order to place it in storage there are still some things to consider. So packing for storage or for moving both require you to have basic knowledge, and you should do it as best as you can. You never know when you might need it again. However, even if you hire someone to do the job, or you are going to do it by yourself, you should first prepare the room and the bed, then dismantle it.

When you want to take apart a bunk bed, prepare the scene

Your children probably have a bunk bed, which means it is located in their room. For this reason, you should first pack all of their toys and items. Once you do that, make sure to clear the room from those boxes. You will need a lot of free space so make sure nothing will get in your way. This way, you will not get injured while you are dismantling a bunk bed. In addition to this, you can organize the pieces of your bunk bed in order so you will not get confused later. You can achieve all of this if you prepare the room before the actual task.

Mother and dauthe rpacking before someone starts to dismantle a bunk bed
In order to safely dismantle a bunk bed, pack everything in the room to make space.
  • Start by moving all of the kid’s toys and placing them in a box
  • Pack all of their clothes carefully
  • Pack one box with the necessary items they will need during the move
  • Remove the carpets and pack the other furniture in the room
  • Move all the boxes and packing furniture out of the room
  • Only after doing all of this can you disassemble a bunk bed

Why do you need to take so many steps in order to dismantle a bunk bed? This is important because you do not want to find yourself surrounded by other furniture, risk pieces of the frame tumbling down on you, or slip on toys. So ensure you avoid clutter when packing with a packing plan.

Do not try to disassemble a bunk bed by yourself

As mentioned before, a bunk bed is extremely heavy. For this reason, if you want to disassemble a bunk bed by yourself, you are more likely to sustain an injury. There are many heavy parts that you can easily drop thus damaging those pieces in the process as well. This is why you should ask for help. Professionals are the best choice but not the only one available for you. You can always ask your friends and family to help you with this difficult task. Maybe some of them even have the experience of dismantling a bunk bed. In addition to this, you should dress according to the situation. Prepare long trousers and closed-toe shoes. These pieces of clothing will protect you from any potential injuries.

Next step: Lose the mattresses

It is only logical to remove the mattresses before you start to dismantle a bunk bed. You should wrap your mattressed in moving blankets or plastic wrappers. This will protect them from dirt and dust. Once you prepare them, you should take them out so you can enough room to dismantle the wooden frame. If you are doing this on your moving day, movers can come and take your mattresses to the moving truck. Of course, you can also send the mattress to the cleaners before picking it up and directly bringing it into your new home. The amount of dirt that can accumulate in matres over time is unimaginable.

A bed with a matreess on it
In order to take apart any bed you first need to remove the mattress

Tools for this task

You have to come prepared for this task. This means you have to have a cordless drill, screwdrivers, Allen keys, and a bit. Now you are ready for the action.

Remove the ladder

The first step to disassemble a bunk bed is to take out all of the screws on the ladder side. As with all other furniture, we suggest that you find a bag or a container where you will place the screws. This way you will keep it in the same place. There will be no way to lose them in the room. Place the container or the bag in one place while you dismantle your bunk bed. You can also keep all tools in the same place. And prevent accidents as well as ensure the safety of yourself and the people helping you to take the bunk bed apart. Remove the ladder from the bunk. Then place it safely on the side of the bed. You can also wrap at the same time as you dismantle. You can use a blanket or furniture wrap in order to wrap the ladder before you place it aside. Smart multitasking is one of the best moving tips you can find.

Woman next to bed ladder
Removing the ladder is the first step

Supporting screws

Be careful when you remove the main screws because the supporting screws may fall off the bed. If they do make sure you pick them up and place them into your plastic bag or container for safekeeping. As you slowly take everything apart it is very important to be thorough.  Don’t risk losing parts or leaving things on the floor. So make sure not once but twice that all the screws on this side of the bed have been removed before you try to remove that side of the bed frame. Be careful while you dismantle to prevent injuries as well as damage to furniture. Protect your furniture while moving but also while taking it apart!

Remove the whole side of the bed

This is one of the reasons Master Moving Guide highly recommends that you always have one more person working with you in order to disassemble a bunk bed or move furniture. For example, in this case, you will need at least two people, so you can properly support the side that is still intact as you remove this side of the bunk bed frame. When you remove one of the sides the next thing you need to do is to start dismantling the safety rails.

Of course, you can always ask for advice or opinions from professionals if you get stuck at any of the steps. If you look at the outer side of the upper bunk you will see the dafty rain attached with screws. Unscrew them. And carefully remove the safety rail. Put it aside with other parts. Again, make sure that you keep all screws together. And remind the people helping you to keep the remaining attached parts of the bunk bed carefully supported. Afterward, take the other side apart as you did this one.

Boc for screws and equipment
Keep all the small parts together!

Pack all the parts

Make sure to pack everything carefully. All of the screws and small parts should be safely in the container. The bed frames should be warped in protective moving blankets, even if you are moving a short distance. Before loading them on the truck to prevent scratching and scuffing.

After you finish the task

Now that your bed is in parts, you should move them to the moving truck. Before you do that, you should use old bedsheets to wrap the parts for protection. Do not forget to secure the sheets with tape so they will not come off during transport. In addition to this, you can also label each piece if you believe that is necessary. Lastly, do not try to carry the pieces by yourself since they are really heavy. The process is very similar to dismantling a wooden closet, so you will find the process to dismantle a bunk bed easy!

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