How to disassemble a pool table before the move?

Pool tables are a valuable possession not many people have in their homes. That’s why you’ll need to pay special attention to it during the move and ask professional movers for assistance. However, moving such a heavy item is not easy, so you’ll have to disassemble a pool table before the move. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, the Master Moving Guide is here to help you out. We’ll go over tips on how to disassemble and reassemble a pool table so you can prepare for moving day.

Call professionals to help you disassemble a pool table before the move

To save money, you might try to tackle the massive task of moving a pool table with your friends. However, a pool table is difficult to move because it’s big and bulky, but also surprisingly delicate. Many people make the mistake of treating a pool table like a sofa, twisting it to fit through the door. Unfortunately, these actions frequently result in injury to you or your friends or breaking the pool table components.  

People standing by the pool table
While your friends will be glad to help you move a pool table, it’s better to leave that task to professional movers

Therefore, keeping in mind that you probably don’t have the necessary experience and equipment, it’s best to hire pool table movers. Make sure to find a reputable moving company that has a long tradition of successfully moving oversized items. They will have the expertise to disassemble your pool table, catalog and pack its parts, and efficiently reassemble it later. 

Start disassembling your pool table by removing ball pockets first

Even if local movers will move your pool table, you can make the process easier by disassembling it yourself. For this, you’ll need a variety of tools, like a power drill, socket wrench, staple puller, and a flat-head screwdriver. Once you have all the equipment, start by taking off all six ball pockets. 

Ball pockets will either be stapled to the table or secured with screws, depending on the pool table model. Therefore, you’ll either have to remove the staples with a staple remover or unfasten the screws with a screwdriver. It’s easier to do this task from under the table. However, pay attention to falling staples and bolts.

A toolbox
You’ll need to have a toolbox to disassemble a pool table before the move.

Continue to disassemble a pool table before the move by removing side rails

The next step is to carefully remove the rail bolts using a socket wrench. Older pool table models might have bolts with two holes, so to remove them you’ll need a special forked tool. Then, detach any movable rail segments and put them aside for now. 

Sometimes, the pool table manufacturers will connect the two rails at the corner. If that’s the case with your model as well, get a friend to help you flip the rails over. Afterward, separate the two rail pieces and place them in a special box. Knowing how much pool tables cost, you should be extra careful not to damage anything. 

Make sure to label small pool table parts carefully

There is nothing worse than having to go through all of your boxes looking for missing screws after you relocate. Moreover, if you lose some pool table components, there’s a high chance that the hardware store won’t have the replacement. Even if they do, it will probably be expensive, and you might need to wait for the part to arrive at the store. 

That’s why you must meticulously catalog everything you take apart throughout the disassembly, and store it properly. Knowing where all the parts are will make putting the pool table back together easier later. On top of that, clearly labeling the content of boxes and bags is how to prepare for movers correctly. 

Couple labeling parts left after they dissasemble a pool table before a move
No matter how boring the task is, don’t forget to make an inventory of all pool table parts and label them carefully.

You also need to take off the felt

Removing that famous green or red felt off the pool table is often the trickiest part of the disassembling process. Producers will either glue or staple the felt to the table slate, so you have to carefully detach it. It can break or stretch easily, so remove staples one by one, or work around the glue. However, if the felt is old and you want to replace it, don’t bother with removing it slowly. Just rip it off instead, and put a new felt when reassembling your pool table in the new apartment. 

To disassemble a pool table before the move, you’ll have to take off the heavy slates

Since pool table slates are securely screwed in, having an efficient power drill will be useful in this situation. However, removing the slate screws will be the only easy part. Having in mind that most slates weigh over 250 lbs, you’ll need the help of your friends to lift them up. Just make sure not to injure yourself or chip the slates, since it will have an effect on table functionality. Finally, you have to delicately wrap all of the table components, including the slate, in order not to damage them.

Finally, you must disassemble the pool table frame

As your disassembling job is almost done, turn the table over and remove its legs. In the process, make sure to place the hardware in separate plastic bags. Afterward, wrap a moving blanket around each piece of the frame and secure it with the movers’ wrap. Now that your pool table is all set, it’s safe to transport it to your new apartment! 

As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to disassemble the pool table before the move on your own. However, moving and disassembling a pool table is a physical task that requires a lot of time and effort. Keeping that in mind, it’s probably best to leave this task to professionals with experience. 

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