How to compare moving quotes?

Moving is a very costly process that requires a lot of time and energy. When you start to plan it, you will see how huge of the task relocation is. It is overwhelming, but the good news is that you can hire the moving company to do the hard part for you. It is surely the most painless and stressfree way to handle your move. Still, you may get confused about how to calculate the cost of the move. First, you need to know what are the parameters for determining and comparing moving quotes.

Moving quotes are different from mover to mover

You should know that moving quotes are different from company to company. That’s why collecting quotes from moving companies can get very confusing.
The truth is that every moving company quotes differently so you will rarely have an equal comparison. While one mover is calculating the moving quota according to the weight of your load, the other is basing its calculation on the relocation distance.

Of course, the quote from the movers that provide full service will be very different for local and long distance relocation.

Moving quotes for long distance move

When we speak about long distance moving, most companies are taking the weigh of the shipment as the main perimeter in determining moving quotas.

Reputable companies will give you the most accurate estimate as possible.
Until the load is measured on the scale it’s almost impossible to know how much the total items weight.
Still, it happens that a company under-estimates the weight, which means a more expensive move for the customer.

That’s why it is very important that the company representative does an in-house estimation of your belongings before they offer you a quote.
After measuring, the bill can be slightly higher, but not significantly.

Asking three different company to come to your home and make estimation is a great recommendation.
Just make sure that all the estimates are basing on the same weight. If the estimation from some movers stands out by being much lower than the others, that is a sign that there’s something suspicious. Scratching such companies from the list of your potential movers is a good preventative for avoiding the moving scams.

The weight will determine the moving quotes for long distance moving.
It’s a simple math – the fewer things you need to move, the lesser will the moving quotes and costs be.

Moving  quotes for local move

The moving quotas are usually easier for understanding since they are based on constant variables. The weight of the load can vary, but the estimation of manpower or materials can’t.
The parameters for determining moving quotes for the local move are:

  • The size of the truck
  • Number of movers
  • Time
  • Materials

When you are moving locally, the moving company will determine an hourly rate of moving quote based on the number of movers, needed materials and size of the truck.
The time traveling to your home, between homes, and back to their location is also subject to charges.
Still, in most cases, you will get an hourly rate for your quote.

When moving locally, keep in mind that weekends, the end of the month, and relocating in the peak of the season typically costs more.

Moving quotes for local moves will be determine by the time that movers spend.
The more time that movers need to finish your relocation, the more costly the moving will be.

Additional fees and costs

Maybe you find the movers that best suits you, but before you start to prepare your moving budget, pay attention to additional costs that can appear. Ask your mover to specifies the services that are included into estimation, and which services they’ll charge extra for. Ensure the mover includes anything you’ll need in their quote and on your written estimate.

Fees and costs that you didn’t count on:

  • Large items – If you have heavy and big items to relocate, discuss it with your movers. Pool tables, pianos, and hot tubes are enormous, but also very delicate. Not all companies are capable of handling these items. Those who can are likely to charge an additional fee to do so.
    When you have such item like a pool table, the best way to ensure its safety is to hire a professional pool table movers.
  • Shuttle service – If the moving truck is too large to park close to your house, the movers will need to use a smaller truck or van to move items from the house to the truck or vice versa. If the size of the truck or conditions of relocations are listed in the contract that you signed, then additional costs of shuttle service shouldn’t be charged.
    To be sure, ask the moving company about the size of the truck and inform them if there any parking obstacles.
  • Long carry service – You will probably find in your written estimate what is the maximum distance that the movers will carry things.
    If it’s a long way from your house to the truck, you may pay a long carry fee.
  • Packing – Packing services are one of the additional services that most moving companies offer.
    This service is paid extra, but it worth every penny. Sure, there are many DIY packing tips, but this service will save you a lot of time and nerves. If you like to purchase packing services, be sure that they are noted in written estimation.
Shuttle service can increase moving quotes
Make sure that moving company is using the size of the truck that suits relocation terms.


Although tips for the moving crew are not mandatory, they are always the nice gesture and sign of good matters. Being a mover is not an easy job and they are usually hourly employees.

If you like the job that they did you should award them. Show them that you appreciate their efforts.
A standard tip is $20 to $40 per day, per mover, but there are many things to consider when deciding how much should you tip movers.

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